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Fetch Answered

How do I teach my 9 mo old pomeranian to fetch? She just picks up the ball and runs away. Thanks


Food. Let them know you have food. Throw the ball. When they go to run away, crouch down and show them the food. If they come back without the ball, send them away till they bring it with them.. Repeat repeat repeat. Nacho's right though get sit, stay and come down first. That would make your life alot easier.

??. Yes developing your skills as a trainer, will make your life easier. As it will take the dog less effort to conduct said task.

Really, if you want a show to watch that is helpful in this respect, try tuning in It's ME or the DOG !

Lots of great training tips on there

I appreciate your advice. She does know up, down, all gone, stay and come . If she knows I have food she fixates on it and won't do anything else until she gets it or it is all gone. I think that it is a trait of pomeranians. I can try it, though. Thanks!

That reminds my that my dog play fetch-tug-of-war :D I agree with Lftndbt and NachoMahma

. You need to teach her to "come here" first. After she has that "trick" down pat, then try retrieving.