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Fiberglass splinters? Answered

I'm considering using cement in a mold to make rock climbing handholds.

Obviously that would require the holds to withstand torsion in different directions, and so some kind of reinforcement might be useful. I was thinking fiberglass, but I'm concerned that it might open the door to fiberglass splinters in hands. Curious if you have any thoughts in this?

I'm also wondering if small pieces of plastic might work the same way as the fiberglass?

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-07-18

Interesting question!

I talk about reinforcement in this Lesson, there's a rigid and a fiber options - the fiber one would suit your needs well, I think.

Good luck!

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adillbeck (author)mikeasaurus2017-07-19

That lesson is what inspired my question actually, specifically "An alternative are short fiberglass fibers" and "The fibers may be slightly visible when the concrete is cured, so bear that in mind".

From my experience, splinters from normal fiberglass are hell, and so I'd like to avoid that. One idea I had was to use small pieces of the plastic banding that is used to reinforce heavy packages, and another idea is to use short pieces of the plastic optical fiber.

Maybe the fiber that you mention in your lesson is different than the kind that you can get splinters from, in which case it's would be a great solution.

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mikeasaurus (author)adillbeck2017-07-19

The fiber strands I use in my Lesson are different than the fiberglass insulation you get splinters from. There's a few different types of concrete fibers, from flexible to rigid. Your hardware store should have all these in the same place they have concrete.

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adillbeck (author)adillbeck2017-07-19

Also, just found this, which looks interesting as an alternative to molding: http://www.homedepot.com/p/SAKRETE-ShapeCrete-20-l...

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