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Film Adhesion? (How do I get old camera reel film to stick to itself in a clean way?) Answered

I need some kind of clear glue to get old camera film, the kind you find on reels, to stick together. I was thinking of finding a volatile solvent and pouring that over two pieces on top of each other. Anyone know what old camera film dissolves in?? Thanks, -Josh


Glad to be of service. I hope it comes in handy, sometime.


11 years ago

Film is plastic coated with gelatin. You should be able to soak the film in water for about 10 minutes (make sure to shake the container). When you take the film out of the water there will be a side you can scratch the image off of. That is the gelatin side. Now take a piece of film and lay it gelatin side up on some wax paper and put a piece of film gelatin side down overlapping the first piece of film. Let everything dry for about 24 hours. If the gelatin feels tacky let it dry more. Ive never tried this, but when I used to develop 35mm film I had some film stick together and never come apart.

Splicing tape would probably be your best bet. That is sticky-tape.

Hmmm, where can I get such sticky-tape? Could it be of the scotch genotype?


Now that it's way too late, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish my wallet.

I was going to make a wallet out of film, so if you have film/time feel free to steal my idea =)


Try the liquid brush on modeling glue...make sure you clamp it down, with what ever you use, because its gonna curl like mad! I'm curious, what are you trying to do?

I'm trying to make a kind of "fabric" out of this roll of film that I have, so I need to glue a bunch of it together.

hmmmmmm....what about stacking it and using fishing line or black nylon thread locking it down through the sprocket holes? Would take longer, but any solvent or glue you would use is likely to warp and melt the film. The nylon thread would be the easiest to use and most durable. Plus you could use a sewing machine and speed up the process.

Hey! that's not a bad idea! Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to tie more than two together (horizontally). I need the "cloth" to be thin yet wide and long. Perhaps I'll weave the film, then tie any holes that have lines up together, what do you think of that?

Cant tell by your pic, is it only sprocketed on one side?

Yes, yes it is. Also, rather than tying all of the holes together, why not STAPLE the edge holes. I'll post a pic of this, I just started to do it.

Not from me!.....but I can see where you would get that....If I meant sarcasm it would be more along the lines of...."be sure to use the satin finish Staples to maintain that elegant look".... Heh....

Acetone? Maybe...Turpentine? Gasoline? Acetone seems more likely, I seem to remember somewhere that old 8mm film was once acetate...

No, I thought the same thing initially. I just decided to put up a forum post in order to see if anyone had any better ideas. Unfortunately, we were both wrong.