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Final Instructable Touchups? Answered


I am in the process of completing my 1st instructable. (EXTREMELY excited!!!)

I would like to publish tomorrow and hope you can answer these questions for me:

- I need to submit FUSION 360 files for "bonus points" in the Design Now competition; How do I do it??

-I would also like to include a GIF, How would I post it?

-Lastly- i would like to ad a Window where people can view the 3D model. I have seen it in some other instructables Please advise???

Kind Regards

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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-05-02

For the Fusion 360 files, I would suggest attaching them to the instructable. You can upload them like photos and attach them to a step! I don't see anything else in the contest copy that makes me think they need to go anywhere else. Screenshots of you using the program would surely help too! :)

GIFs can be uploaded as a photo using the normal editor, or uploaded and added via HTML in the instructable.

For viewing the model in the instructable, I would check out the A360 Viewer - https://a360.autodesk.com/viewer/

As far as I know, it should allow you to upload your files and then get an embed code you can enter into the HTML of your instructable. :)

Good luck in the contest!

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