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Finalizing my Desk Answered

Hello Instructables members,

I'm quite new to the wood crafting world and after many hours of research and opinions i have decided to make my own desk. I've got a 3D model of what i want and the hardware i use that justifies the need for the desk i built. I am at a stand still though has i have no idea of what type of wood to use or where to place supports. I've tried my best at figuring it out myself but i don't seem able to get it right. So if anyone could help me out please do!

Also if anyone has any ideas to accessories to build into this desk please feel free to share! I've already got plans for grommets and an outlet for my laptops power brick.

My model is open to anyone to modify and change, i also thank those that designed the monitors and laptop i used.


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okimdone (author)2013-02-17

*Desk updated with Holes for Grommets and wire management

So plywood might be a good idea for the platforms of the desk but for the legs...? Thoughts?

Also i see a lot of people using MDF board for custom made desks. How would that be for the platforms of the desk? What about the Legs? And does the current support system i have under my desk good enough to support it?

Also i found a good store near by me to get lumber and it looks like a have a wide selection =D

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Josehf Murchison (author)2013-02-16

And I think plywood is stronger however the graids get to over $100.oo a sheet and you still need to laminate.

Without T suports the tops on both will bow if you use under 1 inch

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okimdone (author)2013-02-16

Thanks for the input Josehf,

I personally heard that particle board isn't that good if i want to build a sturdy desk at the size i want (24"X74" and 20.5"X70) while maximizing leg room, is that true?

I personally don't like keyboard trays but thanks anyway (^◡^ )

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Josehf Murchison (author)2013-02-16

I dont know where you are from but my local hardware I can get prefinished partical board edging and all ranging from 4 inches to 24 inches wide and 2 to 8 feet long.

One thing I would add I cant remeber its name so I'm sending picks.
You slide it out to use your keyboard and slide it in when not in use.

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