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Finally getting more pieces Answered

I'm not exactly big on money at the moment. College student and all with limited working hours. Luckily, I have parents paying for a lot of expenses so I really only have to cover food that isn't under my meal plan and any other misc things that I want on the spot for supplies or entertainment. But I recently just got $25 online from doing surveys which I decided I'll put toward getting more pieces. I can't be bothered to buy all the pieces in one bulk, so I'll just probably be ordering big things of yellow connectors, green rods, and white rods to start. When I get more money I'll get other pieces, but those will already help me create a lot more things. Yes, I'm finally actually being bothered to get more K'nex in the 3+ years I've been K'nexing.

So of course then the question is what things should I build now? There are a lot of things that I want to make just for the sake of putting my own spin on them. For example, I recently rebuilt my UMP from a lack of patience and a need to have something around the dorm room again (possibly using it in a video my friends are making with nerf guns). I was thinking I might have a go at making a personal assault rifle. That is, those weapons (can't think of the names of any examples) that people built mainly to have a lot of features, look somewhat like a real assault rifle in style though with their own design, and not built exactly to be great in function. I figured I'd use my UMP as a starting point. I actually wanted to make mine look decently realistic. So yeah, that'll be a just-for-fun weapon. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking less about new concepts and more about things I can put a personal spin on or perfect.



6 years ago

Try to make a war worthy semi-auto like the WASP but bigger and less ugly
Also buy knex on Ebay or Knexusergroup (I bought huge loads there three times and it's cheaper than knex.com

Hey TD are you still here?

In my forum he said he was making a bolt-action rifle with a removable mag if that helps.

Hey, yeah, sorry. I got my pieces and started building, but I couldn't make up my mind on what to make. Eventually, for the fun of it, I rebuilt my Master Sword in hopes of making it stronger. It's a little better but not fantastic. So I didn't really bother getting on to show it, and I didn't want to come back without something worth showing. And then I'm on break at home without the sword, which I brought to the dorm, so I can't really build anything. But I'll get to build something good when I have the time. It's just hard to find that time during the week.

Yay your still here! Are you going to be making any more oddammo rifles/pistols? I really like your designs.

I don't find a point to oodammo rifles unless I can finally be bothered to make a turret weapon, which I'd still need more grey connectors for. As for a pistol, I don't know. I'm satisfied with what I have, what improvements can really be made?

Well i had an attempt at an oddammo rifle but it failed and for your pistol yeah nothing really can be improved.

Yeah, I tried making something interesting with my DERP pistol, but that wasn't really satisfying enough for me. I did about all I can with my Oodassault.
I think when I get the time (which will be Tuesday if I don't hang out with anyone) I'll finally work on a bullet chambering gun.

That will be pretty interesting! Ive been waiting for one of those without tons of pieces! BTW I love your DERP =D

Well, I don't know how it'll turn out at the moment. How it chambers the round I'm still trying to decide. Ultimately, I'd love to get my auto chambering concept to work but that seems like a long shot. I might be able to do it with a trigger chambering method, but I don't know if I want to do that yet. It might just end up having a manual bolt. Other than that, I'm really just making a gun with my own style to it. I'm going to use removable magazines and dress it up a bit to look somewhat realistic, but I don't plan on going overboard so it should be mostly piece efficient.

Alright, so I just got 200 black rods, 100 white rods, and 100 yellow connectors. Should be here by next Wednesday at the latest. Again, that should already open up a lot more possibilities considering it's just body structure I can't finish usually. I don't like making large weapons, I prefer slim, so I think I'll actually be pretty set if I didn't get other pieces. However, I still think when I get the money I'll get some more dark grey connectors, orange connectors, maybe red connectors (only because I keep breaking them with oodammo), and then a few misc pieces. Still planning on doing my personalized assault rifle and then maybe I'll look into making a replica after that.

I think he understood you bought that long gray ones. But you mean the very small ones, don't you?

Ah yes, I meant the green rod equivalent.

Yeah, as mahmel says, I thought it were the long ones. Now I get it.

Well, to me it's a huge amount of black rods.

A few more ideas I had:
-Remake my BAW. It aged decently, but it could really use some modernizing. Of course it won't be a fantastic weapon, but it'll still be basic.
-Remake of the PDR. Except this time I'll make it a dark grey firing slingshot. I'm going to make the dimensions of it a lot better this time around, better than my last attempt.
-Remake the autochambering gun. Except I'm going to go about it a different way. Instead of the pin chambering the round, the trigger will. Essentially, it'll behave like a real fire arm that fires from an open bolt. Not sure about this one entirely.
-Make a P90. This one has always bothered me in that no one could make a decent horizontal magazine, but I couldn't design one that would be usable by someone else. So this time I'm actually going to attempt making my own and attempt making it the best one yet.

Don't know what I'll want to tackle first after my assault rifle (which I probably won't even post, more want to make for kicks and giggles), but I'm psyched for anything. The BAW remake will probably be the quickest and easiest.

Well shoot, the black rods will be here today, I'll check my mail after class. I'll probably have to stop by the housing office seeing how my dinky little letter box won't hold the package. -_- The white rods and yellow connectors haven't even shipped yet apparently, which is rather frustrating. I was really hoping to start building this week, but it probably won't be until Friday or so at this rate.

Odd, I checked my mailbox for a slip telling me I have a package waiting at the office but didn't find one. I think I remember reading that mail is only delivered every Thursday, so I'll just check tomorrow. The other package was just shipped, not sure how long it'll be, but I don't care because unless it travels all night and is here tomorrow morning, I most likely won't be in the dorm and up for building until Tuesday night. Assuming they do only deliver mail on Thursdays, I could probably still check the office and ask if I have a package.

In other news: Because I anticipated the pieces coming and got rather bored of my UMP already, I started modding it with the pieces I have available and it's turning out quite a bit different, but I'm not sure if I'll like it. I might completely redo the base of the gun. And then I'm gonna quickly remake my BAW straight after. Then it depends on which of the above projects I feel up to.

So yeah, that's my blog update.


6 years ago

Well thats good that your getting more pieces. i know what it feels like when you get more.

i got all of this about 2 or 3 weeks ago

25 bucks? You won't really be getting a lot of parts if you're ordering from the Knex website.

I'm ordering from ebay. I found packs of 100 pieces ranging from like $5-8 depending. That's not too bad. Especially because I really only need yellow connectors, green rods, and white rods, that should easily cover my needs for now until I get payed next Thursday and then I'll order whatever else I still need.

Great stuff bro!

Oh and it's "paid", not "payed".