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Find the robot contest!- Win a patch! Answered

Hey guys, I'm here, on instructables, on forum topics, bringing you a contest, about finding a robot, on instructables... :-)

Anyway... I decided to do a little competition, and it will take some time if you are determined to win a patch.

The game is simple, I have created a new account (No, I'm not telling you what it is called), and on that account I have posted somewhere opn this site a picture of the instructables robot (the picture below). Now its very simple... all you have to do is browse the site, or just carry on your normal ibles routine, and hope to come across the robot. If you do, please either send me a PM or comment below with a link to the robot picture :-)

The robot picture has some words at the bottom that says: "YOU FOUND ME! :-)", (The picture is shown below), so you will know if you have found the right one. Get it right, and you could win a patch!

Happy finding! :-)



So all we do is post the link to where the picture is?


8 years ago

Well, the member and comment searches are gone so I guess I have to do it the hard way... 


8 years ago


Happy finding to all iblers :-)