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Finding good electrolyzer plans Answered

Has anybody come across any good plans for a hydrogen electrolyzer or a resource with lots of good information. My problem has been that I haven't found any resources that provide enough clear information to make one that I really think will work well. thanks



11 years ago

They're fairly easy to make yourself. All it took for me was to look at my school's science department's model and a trip to Home Depot. Mine's nothing fancy: just a few PVC pipes, two buckets, some hose, a couple of graphite rods from a lantern battery, and a 12 volt car battery charger. It's practically identical to this example. If I ever make another one, I'd like to make it clear...

What exactly can you use the hydrogen for?

Hydrogen + Oxygen = Very Satisfying Kaboom! :P

I just love the almost thunderous boom it makes, (Not a bang or crack, but a BOOM!

Otherwise, I'll just fill a balloon with just hydrogen and make a cute little blimp. :P

Or feed the hydrogen under some soapy water and make a lighter-than-air tower of flammable bubbles. Very impressive in person. ; )

How do you make them explode?!?! I'm kinda confused. You jyts make them touch and they explode?

Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. What we like about it here is that it is flammable, which means that it will catch on fire easily.

However, a balloon filled with pure hydrogen burns slowly when lit because there is no oxidant. An oxidant speeds up the whole process and makes something burn much quicker. The faster you can burn something, the more energy you can release in a short amount of time. If you release a lot of energy fast enough and in a violent-enough manner, you call it an explosion.

"Highly concentrated sources of oxygen promote rapid combustion and therefore are fire and explosion hazards in the presence of fuels. Oxygen itself is not the fuel, but as a reactant, concentrated oxygen may allow combustion to proceed dangerously rapidly. "

Basically, explosive compounds are lots of energy and oxygen all bundled up in a neat package. In this case, hydrogen is the fuel and oxygen is the oxidant. A balloon lets us mix these two gases together and make the "package." Then all we have to do is light the sucker, and KABOOM!

A neat thing about this is that the product is just water vapor (and a huge explosion!) :P

haha ya I noticed that too, the claims people make are pretty crazy, and all stuff that nobody can reproduce. and then there are the guys who figured out free energy but can't share because 'THEY' will come.

I have seen some examples which use a series of plates instead of plain rods. I think this is supposed to yield more hydrogen. I wonder if there is a better way to store it? like in an old propane tank or something. You can burn stuff with hydrogen and the oxygen or feed it into a fuel cell or make a zeppelin etc.

A lot of the info is confused by psudoscience (perpetual motion or 'over unity energy'-getting more out than you put in) and obscured by paranoia (caused by scams and the belief in 'over unity' cover-up).