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Finishing with a single thread? Answered

Hi, good Jessy,

I learned so much from the class! But one issue is still leading to the ruination of my seams--the tying off with a single thread where you have to make the knot and kind of hold it in position while you tighten it; I always end up with the knot about a quarter inch away from the fabric, which turns all my tight work into a sloppy mess. Please, do you possibly have any further words of wisdom on how to pull off this technique?

Thank you dearly:)

Daniel Lee Carlile

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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2017-04-11

You can also put the tip of the needle into the loop of the knot, and use that to guide the knot where you want it to be, if that makes sense. That way you're not covering the thread with your fingers - you'll be able to see where the knot is going a little better.

Tying off with a single thread is definitely something that takes a little while to learn. :)

I also found a video on Youtube that looks like a pretty good technique for securing knots at the end - this may work better for you!

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