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Firefox 3 Download Day Answered

Today (June 17th, 2008) is Firefox 3 download day. Help make the Guinness world record for the most program downloads in a single day.

If you are already running Firefox 3 beta: you may notice some improvements
If you are running Firefox 2: I highly encourage you to download it as you will notice many improvements
If you are using Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!

Downloads for the record begin at 10:00 am PST (13 minutes ago, from the time of this posting).
Get downloading!


Edit: Link it not currently working. It appears their servers have exploded with awesomeness. Check back soon.


And now it's over, and they got over Eight Million downloads. Now they're waiting a few days while the results are reviewed by the nice Guinness people.

Massive Awesomeness. Totally.

Just hit the link again, total download tally still going on. Now over 14 -1/2 million.

The revolution continues.

Ima downloading now...


*sob* needs MS 2000 or higher *runs away to cry*

What the shat?! I mean, WIN98 is better than vista, but still. Why not use Linux? Or upgrade to XP?


My folks are scared all of the stuff on the computer will be lost, I would if they'd let me, but they've promised we'll get a new computer...

Well, then you got some good "virus protection" since they tend to hit Win systems from year 2000 and up. I have WinME and was always amazed by the virus reports normally showing everything up to ME, no infection or at worst it'll infect but do nothing. After ME, massive doom and gloom. That's reason one to not get XP. Hope you have broadband, because if you want to get XP or Vista you're going to spend some time downloading all the patches and other fixes and upgrades. If you're on dial-up, then you have reason 2.

Want to keep your parents happy and change OS? Get a second hard drive. Make the new one the master drive, use the old one as the slave drive. Start with the new one only in the PC, do new install of the new OS, when done then install the old drive as slave. You can show them everything is still there, nothing was lost, you can even make the old one the master again to prove it still works.

Then, with the new one as master, you decide if you're keeping the old one. If so, reinstall apps so they work from the old one. If not, move them and your data over to the new one. Of course if you are (wisely) upgrading to Linux you'll be locating the Linux equivalents that work with the old data, while Linux in general is very good at running Win apps it ain't perfect.

This sure ain't the easiest way to switch OS, it's a keep-parents-happy way.

You also have a second option, go dual boot, with the two hard drives. Then you get the new OS to play with on the new drive, and you're just a reboot away from showing the parents (again) that nothing was lost.

I wanna dual boot, just haven't gotten round to it, and yah I'm like virus proof. Amount of places I've gone without getting anything....

ahaaahaaaaa wooooooooo at that point just get some linux for god's sake!

i guess i downloaded it on the first day it was out...without knowing it was just out. interesting

The link worked for me. I've been running the betas. Has anyone found any real differences between Beta 2 and FF 3.0 Release?

I just finished updating everything and it seems faster right off the line.and only one add on wasn't here yet ,artblocker.

Artblocker? I don't know what that is. ADBLOCKERPLUS worked for me.

Im not sure that is what it was called.it was a new plugin thing that turned the blank places adblockerplus left behind into art displays.it was kind of kool..

I found (on my computer) that ff3 is about 2x faster, or all of a sudden my internet stopped being crap (I hate you comcast!)

Yes. The release is finalized. Also, the forward button is different.


10 years ago

Hah hah hah, firefox got pwned. I have latest version of internet explorer and it works. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I knew sabotage was the best way to win

Is anyone else noticing that a JS error on the instructables pages prevent you from seeing the 'able images and posting 'able comments? I've been using FF3 Beta exclusively for 3 months now. The only site that I visit that doesn't work in FF3 is instructables. I have filed 2 bugs about this, but... here it is release day and no images for us FF3 users.

My first bug disappeared, here is my second.

I'm using FF3.0 that I downloaded a few hours ago and I can see the images. No JS error msgs. Didn't try the comments.

I downloaded it today. It is such a great browser. It will take me a while before I figure out all of the improvements. I particularly like the folders you can make. I can make one for the main sites that I usually visit.

Went to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/[], that page loaded fast (on dial-up). Tried FF3 ( 7.8MB) download link, not working.

Hit 100% Organic Software, that page has FF3 ( 5.7MB) link that worked right away. "Firefox Setup" downloading right now, looks like it'll take about an hour total (yes, that's dial-up).

Try that second link. Same release number, the smaller file just might not have regional language packs and the like you'll never use or could download later. It's too big to be a mere loader. Offhand it'll make sense for the main page to link to a one-size-fits-all package, especially with high-speed internet. Which works when 90% of the planet isn't trying to get it.


Easiest install ever. Grabbed everything from Netscape 7.2, installed in a blink, didn't care it was WinME, then the startup... And it loaded so fast...


It's beautiful! Pages load faster, it's well designed, can easily find toolbar things... And the add-ons! I can now go to just one place and find them quick, Flashblock, Adblock, and ooohh, new one, Flash Killer. And... there's a handy window for managing my add-ons, not just a list, I can actually remove old ones with a click without hunting down the files in the directory... ...one for download history... ...so much better...

If I Had Only Known!!

Now downloading Thunderbird. At some of the fastest dial-up rates I have ever seen.

Hmm... got to mozilla.com, but the "Download Firefox 3" link led me to the page to download FF with a link for a FF3 sneak peek that leads to a page to download FF3 RC3. Nice one.

Ah, seems to be because I have a Mac. I guess Mac owners can't take part in download day.

Anyone know how to get rid of the url suggestions in FF3?

Firefox downloaded... Firefox installed... Firefox disappeared.

Help break the Guinness world record ...

You can't, as there is no official record for software downloads in a day.

You could be making the record, but only if Guinness ratify it afterwards.

Yes, I know: party pooper.

OK. I'm not going to upgrade yet, though - I'll wait for the rest of you to find the bugs.

. Nacho's Rule of Software #28: Never buy version x.0 of anything. Let the other poor suckers find the bugs. . That said, I think I'm gonna try it. FF seems to have one of the better beta programs around and should have the major bugs worked out.

. Crap! Most of my Add-ons quit working. I shoulda listened to myself.

. A reboot fixed most of the problems. Still have a few minor Add-ons that aren't compatible, but none I consider important. . Zachninme's No K*x script for GreaseMonkey seems to have stopped working, but I may be jumping the gun again.

. OK. No K*x does work. I just had to disable/enable it.

nothing happened to me when I downloaded it, all my bookmarks were there, all the add-ons worked, along with my theme, I must just be the lucky one

knocks on wood

Really? It told me most of mine did so as well, but I only had one real failure.

Posting from Firefox 3.0 , the ad-ons page has been flooded and is now down :(

And as expected, mozilla.com can't cope :-P

No wonder if you see how many people are downloading at the same time. Here you can find a nice counter for the amount of downloads...

Its awesome!!

Posting from new FF.

Aw darn it! I've been away all day, so I probably missed my chance to make a difference, but anyway, I'm downloading it right now. *sigh* Better late than never I guess........


Damn it! It was in German.

Yay got american! Now I'm running Firefox 3!

I got it to work!

I went to mozilla.com


I got the setup file right here...