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First Crush...? Answered

This is slightly linked with my previous forum topic.

What age were you when you had your first crush?

Was it the most powerfullest crush you ever had?

Symptoms feelings or emotions when around her/him or thinking of her/him?

What pick up line did you use when you asked her/him out? (if you did)

Did she/he say yes???

please answer the questions above.

I think ive still got the same crush on her from about several months ago.Yes i think this IS my first crush. ( i may have fancied other girls but shes different i can't get my mind of her more than an hour.) ''weird''     ( even though i am 13)I feel funny around her, or when she asks me Qs.I haven't asked her out and i don't think i will.For now im just tryin' to be her friend.yes it is the girl from my previous topic that i was chuffed about.Please do it in that format!And again yes i know i am curious. :P :P :P :P :P


...well now, I happened to be in the...fourth grade? Yes, I believe so. Anyway, I had this crush on this cute redhead girl named Kristin, but she found out I liked her. Didn't uhh... didn't go so well. Either way, now she's partying it up with the drinking crowd and I'm not really into that. Shame.

I did better than crushes, hell, I had my first girlfriend at age 6. However, she moved, and I haven't had much luck since....

i had and have a crush on mark harmon

Phoebe Cates, she was, and still is, a beautiful woman.

I liked (and been liked by) the same girl for about 6 years.

another thing... I have no Idea why people care if other's know about who they like, and why they are so nervous, around this person. People always say that if the person knows that they like them it will be uber awkward, but seriously, it is more awkward if they don't know about it. What you should do is go out there and just say: "hi there, by the way, I like you." and that's that. If you are too nervous, just tell one of the person's friends. It's not exactly the same, but it still gets the job done.

If someone came up to me and told me they "liked me" and I was not already "acquainted" with them, I would find that odd and disturbing. :-)

It's true. That always throws me off. "What? You like me? What do you even know about me? And who are you?"

Ahh, that's just the way guys think while younger. Usually they figure out (though not always) that looks aren't everything.

In more ways than one. Too many young guys think if a girl "says Hi, and looks at them" they are being hit on *sigh*

Well, if she didn't spit into your lunch, I suppose she doesn't hate you ;-)

That happened to me once. (Kinda) I was walking back from lunch at school, and a new girl who I barely knew came up to me and said that she thinks I look cute. I was like "Okay...Good for you?" And walked off.

It's a bit more odd when you find they know your name and you have never seen them before. =S

"What? You like me? What do you even know about me? And who are you?" (continued) What did you say your name was again? And don't lie to me, I'll find out one way or another.....you stalker you LOL

I know, I learned that lesson early on. Freaked a poor girl out that was a member of my church by telling her I liked her up front, and although we are friends now, I definitely "scared" her back then.

I have been "married" to the same woman for the past 16 years (as of Oct 5th actually). :-)

I really don't remember anyone but Luke Skywalker. I was obsessed with Luke Skywalker.

Dude you don't tell her that yu've got a crush on her she'll think it's freaky, jeesh. First crush aye? Soon you'll find out why there called crushes muhahahahaha.

Interesting, I've always wanted to look like Luke...


Britney Spears (age 8)
My cousin (she looked like Spears, age 8 1/2)
Princess Leia (age 9, see I was maturing already;)
Sabe' (Queen Amidala's decoy, Keira Knightley) (9-11)
Iona on Monarch of the Glen (11-13)
Vampire Girl (13, for about 10 seconds)
Hayley Westenra (13-current, I'm not going to get anywhere on that one, *sigh*)
A girl in book club, carbon copy of Westenra, 4 years younger =] (14-current)


dayuuuummmmm in love with the tv at a young age is normal but lol u like tv actresses till u were like 13 lol thats sad

Hey at least I had crushes :) Nice thing about actresses, you'll never meet 'em, you can daydream all you want...

yeah, but like the song says: "the only trouble is, gee whiz, I'm dreaming my life away......"

Hey, I still have a minor crush on Sally Field. She's still cuter than a button at age 51 ;-) and she's available too LOL

Hey at least each until I was 13 was an upgrade (minus vampire girl, though she was hot)

You mean you didn't upgrade from Vampire Girl to Elvira ? Well, I can't laugh considering my first crush (already posted).

Oh, you got this already then ? Elvira ...but you did mention Vampires and that is the "cliched look" as it were.

If you look on the topic on whos good with girls, youl see who vampire girl is.

Ahh, googled it. Nah she was way hotter, didn't have the goth look, she just had masive fangs.

My first Crush, takes me waaaay back, and was one of those "not possible" things with a tv personality. For those of in the USA that remember Gidget, the young lady that played to part was none other then Sally Field (later starred in the Flying Nun, and some movies with Burt Reynolds). She was born 6 November, 1946 just 2 years before me, same month and so, at the age of 50 soon to be 51, she is still quite the "looker". ;-) As far as in real life....I would have to give that a LOT of thought...it was so long ago.....

Sorry, I forgot to double check my typing before hitting enter.... *sigh*