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First Geocaching Excursion! Answered

Well, Today I plan to go on my first geocaching excursion, I don't have a GPS, but I know the area, and I'm not going to far from home. I'll report back, with pictures, and any goodies I come across! Wish me luck! :D


my family has been geocaching for over 2 months now we have already found26

So neat! I heard about this on NPR a while back and I've always wanted to do it since since. Just looks amazing! Plus, it's a great excuse to finally buy another tech toy and get Jace out of the house with his (or our, I guess.) fancy new camera. :P

I took these pictures with my fancy new camera. :D

Good quality to what type of camera is it?And ya Geochanging is mostly what I use it helps me navigate through the city.

Today was my first geocaching excursion. :D I used the GPS for our boat, so it was a little buggy on land. The only reason I haven't done this before was because I doubted there would be any caches in my area (nothing ever is). Turns out I was wrong. I found four cashes and only took two things. Too bad I discovered this just as break ended... :(

Its so fun! CameronSS mentioned it, so I looked into it, thinking there weren't any in my area, WRONG. There are actually quite a few!

There's a ton of them! My camera ran out of batteries, so I don't have that many pictures. I found a Geocoin! :D

Picture 24.pngCIMG0337.JPGCIMG0339.JPGCIMG0338.JPGCIMG0341.JPGCIMG0340.JPGIMG_6165.JPGIMG_6166.JPG

:O Awesome! I can't wait till my GPS comes in the mail!

Cool, I can't wait to get a working GPS :D.

Here's my soon to be cache and a possible Geocoin design sketch (front and back):
By the way, here's the source of the first picture of my previous post.

CIMG0347.JPGGeo front.jpgGeo-Back.jpg

That's always interested me. I've never looked for any sites near me, but I probably should.

I hope you're taking Instructables stickers with you! How are you going to geocache with out a GPS? I thought the currently popular systems all used waypoints...

I wish I had Instructables stickers.. I just printed off the logo, and URL, and cut them up. I didn't go searching for very many caches, b/c I don't have a GPS, but I was still able to find some.


let the nature be as is - without robot stickers or any other reminders left by visiting human beings

-_- I meant, I put the little pieces of paper IN the geocache, along with whatever I put into it.

. PM Eric (or other staff) and ask him to donate a few. Mention what good advertising it will be. The worst he can do is say no. ;)

. Nacho's Rules For Living: . #8 - They'll never say yes if you don't ask.

> Instructables stickers . Excellent idea! . > geocache with out a GPS? . Shouldn't be too hard for someone familiar with "old fashioned" orienteering and Trig. Euclid is your friend.

Geocaching pre-dates GPS. I think it even pre-dates the interweb.

They used these things called map references, with a clue to guide you to the actual location.

. Kewl! . There is a geo-cache spot a few miles from my house that is listed on many of the GC web sites.

I did a few near me before, surprisingly there are loads in the city centre, which is impressive, though alot of them require some work, one in the park near me aswell, it was easy enough...


9 years ago

Sweet! I bet there's nothing in my area though :(.

Awesome! I just did. There's a cache within walking distance of my house! I'm excited now. This stuff is cool.

I've done geocaching twice once we were in the woods and that was hard we ended up leaving with a spoon and fork Then we did it in school, which was awesome

Darn you and your super awesome camera that can take good macro pictures... I have a few geocaches around here I think I'm going to try to find sometime, as soon as I learn how to use my dad's GPS.

what is your avatar? i see a dinosaur... I think

That's crazy how much detail there is and how easy it is to see it.

take some friends with you and have awesome trip ! especially if its more then 1 day enjoy and hack ! and let the pictures be on lower priority protect well any electronics you take with you - so youll be able to drop the backpack with them or go in water etc without risk

Hopefully you enjoyed the caching enough to go out and purchase a GPS device now and really be able to get into it. You can find used and refurbished ones online pretty cheap now. Half the fun of caching is getting out to explore new places.

Yeah, I've been looking on eBay mostly. Do you recommend any specific GPS?

Any of the Garmin handhelds should work great.

You did put gifts back didnt you?

Yep, along with a piece of paper with instructables stuff on it.

I'm off in a few minutes on a Geocaching excursion of my own...there's a nice big biking/walking/anythingwithoutamotor trail in Topeka, with some nice caches hidden alongside. I've found two of them, I'm after two more, and there's one way on the end that I don't plan to find today.

Cool! I also am curious as to how one does it without a GPS though...

I went to all the familiar places, I could imagine where they would be. :D

Somehow I was expecting this...
hee hee