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First bolt action without gravity fed hopper? Answered

I made this true bolt action that works like the real one . instead of using gravity to put the bullet in the chamber , mine uses a ramp . Another thing new about this is the magazine is easy to remove , just press the button behind the magazine , just like the AKs , and remove the magazine .



please can you post because i need help making a bolt action rifle out of knex.

i dont see what is so good about this design

Zak made one. His ZKAR2 was bolt action bottom loading.

this is the third one. Solekiller made one on youtube, then zak made one on KI.

Fourth actually. I made one but it wasn't any better than Zak's so I had no intentions of posting it. I like the removable mag idea. Using a bendy for the pusher? Dang it I was just doing that too for my remake. I don't care for the ammo.

well it doesnt count if you dont have pics. Anyways, his gun looks messy with all the tape around.

Well Mr. Imaketherules here you go. This wasn't my only or final version but it's the only version I have a picture of. It worked but it didn't get good ranges because my bullet lock technique just didn't work out too well but it did work.


lol, I can see why you didnt post it. I just said that it didnt count because you can claim you built anything. Other people say, if you dont have pictures, it didnt happen. so ya.