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First post! Answered

. Hi, everybody!


Ok, I'm here. This better be worth it! Membership was equivalent to a pack of Red Man, a brick of cheap .22 shells, a gallon of gas for my scooter, and a can of Coke.

To me it's cost six kilos of oven chips, 20 marlboro red, six bud, ten coffees and a bueno bar... At least that's a rough guess of what I'd have bought, judging on last weeks shopping...

OK, break that down into something practical. How much would that be using the "Pints of Guinness" as a measuring stick?

About eleven pints of guinness... Students night in town could bring that up to 25 but... I actually think my logic was quite effective on the shopping one, that's probably what I'd buy except I don't really eat that much oven chips, they're just cheap...

(panting, breathless) I got here at last- didn't miss the party, did I? For my $0.02 on the $23.40- the year's membership is the cost of a day's train travel to work and a Tesco sandwich for lunch, or about 350 miles of biking, or maybe seven pints of Guinness (maybe more if I went to a college bar).

Which train-operator (general interest)? L

Erm, National Express I think, possibly first capital connect or something- the Cambridge-Liverpool St. line. It's a massive ripoff but it has a captive audience :( I'd complain but I'll gladly suck up the cost for the ability to live in the awesomest city ever again.

Oh, yes them. My main commuting experience was into Leeds with First. Now I'm a bit confused with regard to the awesomest city ever, as your profile says you're in Herts?


Ah, probably need to update that- Cambridge, it called to me, so I moved back and have done more interesting stuff in the last week than I did in about six months in Herts. Granted, it's May Week so not a fair comparison, but the point stands that there is stuff to do here. Also I just rode my bike home alone at midnight on a friday night through an allegedly "rough" part of town feeling completely safe.

Ah, super. Good and flat around there, my area is full of hills. Still silly buggers do cycle through the place...


If anything, too flat- I spend half of my time in my mountain bike's highest gear, and the other half between 3-4 and 3-6. I'm constantly looking out for a road/racing bike with narrow wheels and drop bars, but it's very hard finding anything good that isn't a super-extreme-carbon-everything serious racing bike or some rust held together with cables and lead paint.

Yea, and I bet you'd need to lock it up good too? L

with today's bicycles, hills are nothing. When I was growing up (true story with no embellishments) my bicycle was an old English Touring bike, steel frame with 27 inch (69 cm) wheels; a three speed, unalterably stuck in high gear. After a time, hills are like, meh ;-)

is that really definable as only a hill though :-)

eleven based on civil service... Granted I get a bunch of free ones most times I'm there, second closest bar to me... it was 25 something yesterday...

. Woot! Arkansas, represent! Woooooooooooo pig sooie! . If defective your money will be cheerfully refunded. Yep. Your money is perfectly acceptable; no defects whatsoever. Thank you for your business.

I dunno. My greenbacks, no longer linked to gold or silver, feel kinda defective. Time to dig out the Confederate stash!

. heehee . Do you realize that almost 6% of the Ibles subscribers in the world are from little ol' AR? We bad!

Hello, hello! (Is it sad I'm kinda proud to be one of the first?)

. I must admit that I am much more prideful about being an "early-adopter" than I should be, but it's a great feeling.
. BTW, the ring is on order (they don't carry much above 3 carats in my small town), my suit still fits (if a little snug), and Bill Shatner and I are bartering over tickets to Niagra Falls. heehee
. Goin' to the chapel ...

Can we loop that song during the entire wedding? Because I seriously love that song. :D

. It is a great song. I love the harmony. Several excellent versions out there.

Hagey, you getting re married? Billy's probably got the best man spot...can I be a grooms man? Or I can marry you two! I am registered with the Universal Life Church.

. Jessy has set the date. She said three weeks after Hades freezes over. Hopefully that will happen before Kelsey's LHC sucks the Earth into a blackhole.

*resist urge to follow up with time travel comment*

Well, how about Billy Idol's White Wedding ? LOL

Oooh, so this is what a sanctum sanctorum looks like.


Like the also-good ol' more-empty forums days!
But now Shinier

There was a bug where some non-pro forums were blocking people with a demand to turn pro, even if they are pro.

This is kind of the opposite.

It's an anti-bug!

Hello from Alberta Members only fourm

I used to live in E-town. My ex dumped me the day after signing a lease at a new apartment that I was moving up there to be not-long-distance with her...she was afraid of commitment. I did have a stupendous year and a bit however. Make the most out of everything...as it were.

I dispatch the fire department there...if that counts for any win :D