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First time making bread using a bread machine. Can someone tell me the best way to store the left over's? Thank you. Answered


Don't seal it away, and don't refrigerate it. We still use a traditional bread bin, in our climate home made bread stays edible for a couple of days.

500 gms lasts us a couple of days, the other loaf goes to a friend.

I have kept and eaten it after a week just in a freezer bag on the work surface. Best in soup by then.

Paul Hollywoods take on bread making is interesting - see video links I made below.

According to Paul Hollywoo you shouldn't eat bread hot, the crum is too wet and will collapse!

Yeh OK we do too! :-)


Bread machine loaves only take a day or two to eat, they're so small.


5 years ago

First  the loaf from a bread machine is very small.
Second zip lock it while hot to preserve what you will not eat .
Third refrigeration is not good for maintaining bread freshness.

I hate to disagree but if you put it in a plastic bag whilst hot the steam will

1 make the bread soggy
2. promote rapid mould growth.

let the bread cool and then store in either a bread bin, i find wood works well or as I do in a loose freezer bag with the cut side down on the counter top.

I have been making our bread daily for the past 2 years ever since my wife paid for me to go on a bread making course.

I have a bread maker but hand made is MUCH better. Most bread makers do not kneed well and prove too fast the bread tends to have little taste and the crumb is very fine.

Most home made bread tends to be a little harder than shop bought "fluff" this is because the industry uses a method called the
Chorleywood process

This process was developed to use soft cheaper flour after the war - Gluten may be added and the dough is mechanically beaten to incorporate air and to stiffen the dough. This makes soft fluffy bread.

Kneading a strong bread flour for 10 mins by hand will produce an elastic stiff dough that will rise naturally aand produce a very tasty bread your older family members will tell you id how bread used to taste.

500 gms flour, 300 - 310 warm water -1/2 to 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of dry yeast. I add olive oil - about a table spoonful to add flavoour.

Mix Knead for 10 mins until the dough is combined and forms a clean ball. - press a finger in the top and you should see the depression spring back. if not kneed for a little longer.

Leave in a plastic bag or covered bowl for an hour or until doubled in size. Press the bigger bubbles out form a ball - slash the top put on tray for a further 40 mins or so then bake for 35 - 40 mins at 200 deg C


This method allows the bread to prove in the fridge over night - this improves the flavour & requires less kneading.

PS Home made bread lasts longer because it contains much less water than commercial bread. Commercial bread is sold by weight and water is cheap!


5 years ago

Put it in a plastic zip lock bag and keep it in the fridge.
With no preservatives the bread will get moldy within days at room temperature and it will dry out really fast it not kept in a bag.