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First time using EL wire? Answered

So I want to use El wire in some of my projects, however i have never used EL wire before.  From what i have learned you need the EL wire, an inverter and a battery pack to make EL wire work, is this right? My other question is can you run two separate strands of wire off of one battery pack and inverter or do i need one for each stand of wire that i use?

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4 years ago

EL wires can be mixed !
Even different diameters of EL wire !
EL likes high voltage and medium to high frequency AC low current
It is the length of EL wire that has the most affect on weak battery run inverters.
Look at this ible about what can be easily done with EL wire.


Do you have to solder wires to the inverters or do they just attach together?

See step 7 .... I'm good at soldering, but you can just twist them & tape in place.

Of course If I switch colors in costumes ...
The little plastic connectors are great and easy to use.

The wire that the El wire uses is very fine and will not solder - at least not on the stuff I have tried - you need a crimp connection or some kind of mechanical connector