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Fishing Lures Answered

After seeing this, it has me wonder if anyone has anyone else experimented with making fishing lures? Particularly, has anyone tried making any unusual fishing lures? With any success?

I recall, when being dragged on fishing trips as a kid, that outdoor stores would often have some crazy gimmick lures that never seemed like they would work, but claimed to be the greatest thing that ever happened to fishing since the beer hat. I think it would be a fun challenge to not only make an incredibly bizarre fishing lure, but to get it to work.



7 years ago

I've made a few plugs and some night crawler lures, but with the exception of a color variation or a sparkly doo-dad, I didn't try to make them too different from what I know works.
I just can't see a smallmouth bass getting too excited about a pink and yellow unicorn lure.

I have made a few flies this year, but I have never tried to make one that looks unusual. I make my flies depending on what the fish are eating.

i too have made some flies this year but also i made some J-plug's and they worked great!!!

I have tied some flies but my brother and I have tried to make some bass plugs out of wood but all the fish did was thrash them no hits

ive looked into making my own softbaits, but its expensive.
try this catalog, its free and has all kinds of lurecrafting stuff in it

Would one of these ThingMakers work for making softbait ? I don't know if they still sell the "finger fryer" or not (now a days, it is taboo to have heat around a curious child because parents never supervise anymore).

yea, if you could adapt a softbait mold to the temperature and size of the oven thing. but really all you need is a pot on a stove top, all the magic lies withing the materials. one thing is getting it(the end result) to be flexible, soft, and durable. also you cant have ANY air bubbles in the plastic. and getting2 colors(in the form of 2 separate pots with a color in each) to "fuse" together in the mold without separating when pressure is applied is another challenge. but one thing that would be fun to get involved with is lead casting. to make fishing weights, jigheads and other lead items. it is fairly easy, the only hard thing is heating up the lead. you can make the infamous "roostertail" lure with a rigid wire, the right mold and a treble hook. roostertail lures normally sell for 2 to 3 dollars, the homemade kind can be free(excluding the mold, but that can also be homemade and also the hook)

to make fishing weights,...it is fairly easy, the only hard thing is heating up the lead.

Hmm, I have tried this a few times when I was fairly young. A small opening at the top of the "metal molds" prevented me from making any sinkers as I had no way to get the mold hot enough not to cool off the lead before it entered the mold.

well, i wasnt referring to very small weights, more around the 2 to 4 ounce size. you can fill a spoon halfway with molten lead, then set a eyelet in and fill it the rest f the way. thats what the local homeless camper/catfisher does lol we have bonded over the years...

I see. I just meant that a neighbor had some of these molds like pictured on the right and left of this picture and they were difficult at best to work with as I hadn't the proper equipment.


My dad used to make lures. I've attempted to tie some flies. I'm thinking he caught some stuff on his, but I never actually got a chance to try my flies... I lost every one of them, except the one that was on my rod. I haven't tied a single one since we moved into this house either.