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Fitting a hydrogen/oxygen reactor into a thermos? Or at least in a container about the size of a birdbath stand? Answered

EDIT: I decided that starting with steam instead of hydrogen would be much more efficient, much safer, simpler, and cheaper than reacting hydrogen. So if anyone knows if there is a way I can compress steam in a canister and not have it turn to water, and where to get the supplies for relatively cheap, that would be great! Merci!

So my last question was how to bond hydrogen and oxygen to make water and condense it, and I got how to do that, but how hard would it be to fit this whole thing into a homemade thermos that has a screw-on hydrogen canister on the bottom? The hydrogen storage would be outside of the thermos in the canister, but there's still the reactor, condenser, and pressure release valve for safety. How hard would it be to fit it into the thermos (the thermos is about 1.5-2x the height of a store-bought thermos and about the same width, maybe a little bit wider)?

If that isn't possible or logical, how about a birdbath stand? It would be a wide PVC tube reminiscent of a stone birdbath support, and would have a basin on top that contains the water after exiting the condenser. 



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Dude, if you want hot water in a Thermos-type flask: use a kettle-type thing.

Why do you want to be carrying gases around to burn them into steam?
And do you know how much gas you need for 1ml of water?


But I'm not looking for hot water, just the reaction to form water.

I don't want to make anything into steam, that's why the steam goes to a condenser to convert to liquid water. And yeah, I think it's about 6.68*10^22 hydrogen molecules to a milliliter of water.

Why do you want to generate water in this way?
You need ~4 litres of gases (at atmospheric pressure) for a ml.
What are you thinking of here?


Well it doesn't need to be made this way, just in a way that generates water without requiring water. I'm thinking of a self-filling water bottle/basin that uses something other than a water tank since the water amount couldn't be increased without making it bigger since it's impossible to compress water.

Water is a much more compact form of hydrogen & oxygen than the two gases.

Liquid oxygen & hydrogen would be about the same, except that you can't store them in small, lightweight containers.


Well is there any way that doesn't require water to start and still be somewhat efficient? Or at least not to just pump it into the basin? Maybe put water into a kettle in the bottom half of the thermos, poke a tiny hole for the steam to enter the top part of the thermos near the rim, and then make the top half a sort of Liebig condenser? Or maybe just keep steam in a container in the bottom and cut out the kettle, saving space, but that might cause the steam to condense in the container if it's not heated...

Why do you want to do this? I don't understand it.
A bottle of water vs what you are imagining - where's the advantage?


The advantage is the effect of a bottle filling itself. It's simply a project for the entertainment of a Harry Potter nerd.

OK, but you could have it fill up with water from somewhere else (other than burning gas) if it's just for an effect?


Yeah, but burning hydrogen was the first thing I came up with. And do you think it would be possible to fill a canister with compressedsteam and then put a pipe that allows the steam to enter a condenser and fill the thermos? Or would the steam just condense or even compress at all?

Let me think about this, I have ideas...



And also, not only would they be impossible to store in small, lightweight containers, they're also much more expensive than water...

OK what i sagest is having a hydrogen and 02 canisters that you push in or screw in to the bottom of the the thermos between the 2 canisters have your release valve and the whole reactor on top of the canisters with a valve that has a cooling ring that condencis the water vapor now the hard part wold b expenses and time+hard work but if u have the money time and abiltys id go for it ill past a picture of a canister im talking about they can be much smaller down to 2in you wold probably have to get custom filled ones that means lost of $$$$$$$$


Thanks, do you know if anyone makes canisters like that for compressing steam? Because I decided this would be much more efficient, simple, and cheaper if I didn't make the water from hydrogen, but instead just had compressed steam (or would it just turn to water?) go into a condenser. So if you know any websites or companies that sell canisters for holding steam, that would be great!

well it wold condenc to water and gasses take up more room than a liquid so ya
it wold b easier to pump water in to it which u cold do or buy some
i cant find any web sites but i bet there out there look fore a site i didn't look for to long just look up presarized water canister or similar

oh yan ind if u use your own hydrgon it may b hard but possible


it will just save a lot of time and effort.