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Fix Rattan/Bamboo furniture - NOT WICKER!!! Answered

I recently bought a mid-century rattan dining table with four chairs.  I want to replace the cushions on the chairs - two piece, but they have snaps to keep the cushions in place.  I do not plan on having snaps on the new cushions, but that leaves me with the male part of the snaps.  If I pull them out, which I want to do, I will be left with a bunch of holes and no clue how to fix them, and since I haven't removed them yet, I have no idea how deep the holes will be. 

I am open to any and all suggestions.  

Thank you!  

PS, I've tried to upload photos, but it's not working.  

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Downunder35m (author)2017-02-04

You wouldn't have enough pics of the entire process to make an Instructable out of it? ;)
^^ Hint ^^

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Luny (author)2017-02-04

And YAY! finally got it to work.

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