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Fix for my 2500 throwies...? Answered

I ordered throwie kits from a supplier...turns out they were clueless and sent me 5mm clear (asked for diffuse 10mm), normal CR2032 battery, and 1/4" magnet (won't hold anything up, expected 1/2" diameter. No returns so I am stuck with this stuff. Ideas on how to make these work without having to spend another $1k? I'm on a time restriction so I need to solve in the next day or two. THANKS.


sanding them slightly will diffuse, but with 2500 that would certainly take some patience. A rock tumbler might work if there is one around to do several at once.

You probably have some position to argue, but I guess you already paid?
Diffuse: tumble with sand?
Battery: I don't know
Magnets: have you ried?
What did you want to do with them?


Throwies. He already said that.

Questions aren't always what they seem. If these weren't bought for throwing it might make a difference. L

Ah. Your wisdom exceeds your years. (unless you happen to be about 110-ish)

Could you give us the name of the seller so we can flame avoid them in the future? Here's a few fixes that might get you by: Put a dab of low temp hot melt glue on the LED's. Quick diffuse. The batteries sound fine, all good there. For the magnets, try cleaning them off. Make sure they all stick, some may have gotten bashed and lost part of their field. A 1/4 inch Neodymium magnet should EASILY hold a battery and LED, someone must have cheaped out and given you ceramics. Contact the seller and complain, and report them to the BBB (in America, the land of the scam). And my suggestion: Next time, don't buy kits. Just buy stuff in bulk off Ebay. Chinese sellers will give you 50 LED's for pennies, CR2032's for a few dollars for a hundred or so, and magnets at 10 dollars for 30 or 40. So I think, in least.

DO you need 2500 or can you manage with 1250 ? Double the magnets up.

Get a magnet with might! Check these out. Unfortunately my solution involves a little bit of money for your problem, but well under $1000.

Are you sure you have the polarity correct?