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Fix the stubborn airplane mode in Windows 10 Answered

Since I got a Microsoft Update on pc, I got my airplane mode stuck to ON. I tried every possible solution provided by the internet but it got me nowhere. I tried troubleshooting it through Windows default troubleshooter, I went on to edit the registry files through registry editor, tweaked network and sharing centre but everything brought me nothing but failure.

I had to reset my PC which uninstalled all of my installed programs, games and applications that were too important for me just because I thought this would set everything straight and I'll have my wireless connection back but again I got nothing out of it.

You won't believe what actually the solution was. It was just a combination of the Function key and the Print Screen key that solved my problem. Earlier than this I used to have a wireless receiver to use the wifi as the inbuilt wifi was not working but this key combination enabled it and now I don't need any external wifi receiver to access the internet.

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rickharris (author)2018-02-28

ALWAYS worth looking to see if your wifi is actually turned on.

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ThirdEarthDesign (author)2018-02-27

It sounds as if the problem wasn't with a software setting but rather with a hardware setting.

I'm assuming that you are using a laptop, they often have function key shortcuts that allow the Wireless functions to be turned off. Sometimes they trigger a software setting, other times they physically switch off the internal adapter, it varies my manufacturer and model. But it all sounds like it was rather frustrating for you!

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