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Fix tv that randomly turns on and off? Answered

I have a hisnese 20-ish inch tv that is about 6 years old. It started having a problem about a year and a half ago where it randomly turned itself on and changed channels on its own. I opened it up and dusted it out (not much dust) and messed with the settings a bit and vola it worked. Well, then a few months ago it started up again. I dusted it out (not really anything) and it still had the problems. Then I just unplugged it and let it sit for a month. I tried it out and it worked fine for the past two months or so. Well, it started having the problems again and I dusted it out (really nothing) and it had no effect. Anyone know what I should do other than pay someone to fix it?


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I agree. My comment was not very helpful.

I apologize for any offence I may have caused, and also for wasting your time.

Since I've got a button for it here, I will attempt to delete the comment, so hopefully nobody will trip over it in the future.

Random channel-changing and what-not is sometimes a sign of interference from other remotes or heat-sources (eg direct sunlight can confuse them).

Well, ive never had the problem during the day, just at night. Most of the time all of the stuff in my room is turned off other than the tv. Oh, something I forgot to mention was that this problem didnt start happening until after we got the little digital to analog converter from comcast. (probably a Motorola thing). But, with all of the other tvs in the house that same unit causes no trouble.


6 years ago

Its the neighbor kid messing with you shining his remote through your window.

Wow, I forgot I asked this question. No one messing with me. The tv is kiddy corner in my room on the same wall as the window and my bedroom door is shut.

I think that I have eliminated the remote because I can take the batteries out at night and it still happens. One other thing I forgot about was that when it acts up like this all of the buttons on the remote do the same thing, change the channel. Right now the tv is in the basement and I have a tiny tv we used to have in our car in its place. But it is a 5 day weekend, so I am up for testing out the bigger tv at night to see what it does. Just cant do it on days that I have school.

put it on ebay and sell it as haunted / possessed , then buy a new one??

I was a cable-TV technician for a few years, and had one customer complained of this. When i arrived at their house, it happened while i was there, and we all saw the reason was their cat was stepping on the remote buttons as it walked across the couch. It could also be the remote buttons are gunked up with soda and candy residue. Dis-assemble the remote and clean the button contacts for a possible fix.

I spent the night in an intensive care room and my tv did the same thing all night. Just about the time I got to sleep it would come on. I could turn it off but not much else. None of the Nurses believed me that it was happening. I think they thought my meds were making me hallucinate. Hope you get ir fixed.