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Fixing NIMH Batteries Answered

I am curious if there is any way to possibly fix NIMH batteries. I saw at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1RxhgFEPSM how a freezer fixes them, but it did not work. It would be great if somebody with dry ice and dead NIMH batteries would try freezing these batteries (safely).


Do you mean "conditioning" the batteries?

Generally, all you need to do is cycle them a few times. Drain them until they are dead, then recharge them to their "full" capacity, then drain them again. Continue 3 - 4 times and they should function better than they did before. If not, they're probably just past their prime, and should be replaced.

Unless they R chemically used up :)

The batteries were not used for years and don't store amperage.

If you can't cycle them into working again (by fully discharging and recharging them several times), then they have likely reached a high internal resistance and won't work for you anymore. Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan, and yours may have reached their end.