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Fixing a broken headphone port? (iPod touch 3g)? Answered

       I've had an ipod touch for a little over a year now and the left headphone output is no longer audible.  I believe that it is due to a loose or slightly bent contact inside of my iPod, because if i wiggle my headphone connector in the iPod's female audio jack the left side audio will turn on and off.  I have contacted Apple about the iPod (no longer under warranty) and have been told that the cases for iPod touches are crimped together, and so there is no way for them to open the iPod and replace the port.  
       Any suggestions as to how i could fix my problem? I've been thinking of using a dental tool to pull the contact that is causing me issues outwards, but decided i would ask around before potentially worsening my port.


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Jack A LopezBest Answer (author)2011-02-20

It seems like I answered this question before, here:

I find it curious the customer-service drone you spoke with said, or implied that, there is no way to open the iPod, because I have seen people do it. I have seen YouTube videos of people opening iPods, various versions, here:

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geo526468 (author)Jack A Lopez2011-02-21

Thank you!
I found it strange as well, and was unaware that doing so was possible. My best bet now seems to be buying a new headphone jack for the iPod (http://www.powerbookmedic.com/iPod-Touch-3rd-Gen-Headphone-Jack-p-17560.html) and just servicing it myself.

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theFakeGeek (author)2012-08-31

This webpage lists five different fixes for a non-working headphone jack in an iPod Touch. Go through the list starting from #1. http://www.thefakegeek.com/2011/07/headphone-jack-earphones-not-working-on-ipod-touch/

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