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Fixing a handheld shower head? Answered

Hi all,
The metal casing connecting the shower head to the tap has come away. The rubber tubing is still in perfect condition,  with no leaks. What sort of product could I use to rejoin the two pieces of metal? I've included a (lowres) picture to clarify things a bit.

Many thnaks in advance!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Do I read this right as the chromed-spiral has detached?
You need to replace that, try somewhere like B&Q.


Is that what it's called? Chrome spiral.... Aha!
Looked in B+Q and was thinking silicone sealant?

There's an off chance that you could bodge it together with JB Weld, but it would be mud-fence-ugly and might not take the stress.

As it's only the metal piece thats come away I was thinking silicone sealant?

I kind of doubt that silicone would hold up under stress for very long, but I've never tried it, so what do I know? Of course, there's always duct tape....:-)


7 years ago

Good quality heat-shrink tubing might work.

Have you tried disassembling it? Unfortunately, it's probably a pressed part, but if the plumbing screws together, you could just take it apart, clean it up using a de-calcifier like CLR and appropriate tools (fine wire stainless brush comes to min...it's what I use when I refit my shower head periodically) , and re-assemble., using Teflon tape for the joints to ensure that they don't leak.