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Fixperts - Designers doing something useful! Answered

I was recently alerted to Fixperts.org.

It's a fascinating concept - "real" designers get paired with folk with actual, unsolved problems (typically related to a mobility issue), and produce bespoke solutions, making a nice little video in the process.

Introduction to Fixperts from Billo on Vimeo.

It's mainly a UK thing at the moment (some of the folk from Sugru are involved, although it's not a Sugru scheme), but there's nothing stopping you, dear reader, starting up something similar through your own school, college or Hackspace.

There are even guidelines on the site on how to join in.

I've been told of companies that make bespoke prosthetics, or connect problems to solutions, but this is the first voluntary group I've encountered that drags Design out of the showroom or gallery, directly to those who actually need these skills now.

I'm going to keep an eye on Fixperts, and I think you ought to as well...



Hi Kiteman, thanks for posting this here :) Delighted that you find it fascinating.

Hi Kiteman, no need to worry, you sharing the project is great support and is much appreciated.


5 years ago

Thank you for sharing the information on this movement whose time has come. My son is an Engineering student at a local University, and I hope he can get his Instructors onboard or at least his Classmates. I have already incouraged people I know to checkout the site by sharing a link on Facebook.com , and I look forward to trying to get this movement going in the local community. Thank you once again Kiteman for taking the time to share this.


5 years ago

The "using design/engineering skills to improve things for disabled people" bit reminds me of Remap, who are definitely worth a look if you've ever wondered "how can I use my powers for good".

I like the idea of this, just because I'd like to live in a world where it's considered OK to fix things rather than chuck them in landfill and buy another one.

Oh, I'd forgotten about them - I passed their details on to our Engineering department a while back.


5 years ago

Transfixing vid, it puts in mind the flavor of instructables and the members
with demonstrated abilities.