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Flame Message Answered

Hey everyone, this is my first post and i was wondering how i would spell out a message on the ground in flames for a special occasion. I saw this sort of thing in the movie Daredevil, i think... where the police officer threw a lit cigarette on the ground and it ignited "DAREDEVIL" in flames on the ground... i noticed it burned for a while as i was watching the movie, and i talked with some other people about it and they suggested it could be some sort of gel... any ideas?



11 years ago

STYROFOAM+GAS= weak napalm!!
use deisel fuel, gas, dishsoap

Depends on the size. If its real big....say 20 foot long by 3 feet high, you can get 100% cotton line or natural fiber line and pre cut your message out. Then soak it in lamp oil, diesel, kerosene or turpentine in a large bucket. Burn time will depend on the size of the rope and fuel used. Lamp oil or diesel will burn longest maybe 4-6 minutes for 3/8 line Diesel will need a boost to get going like a dose of gasoline or lighter fluid, and it smells a bit gross. Lamp oil comes in flavors....smells pretty and will burn nice and yellow for you but is a bit pricey. But hell, whats $$ when it comes to romance! Good luck and let us know how it turns out

I haven't played with fire in a long time, but- I never found gasoline and Styrofoam to be that great. I prefered turpentine and Styrofoam, It is less lumpy. That being said, it is not very wind resistant.

Im pretty sure what they did in that movie wasnt by spreading something out on the ground, rather they had tubes that were in the ground or hidden on the ground that went commanded to would release a gas. IM assuming they used something like propane. However, if YOU want to do it, a lot of these suggestions are good. Rubbing alcohol will last for a little while. It burns a dark blue (if its 90% - 99% isopropyl) though so unless it has other stuff to burn with it, like grass or whatever. Gasoline would work somewhat. It would have more fumes so you would be able to ignite all the letters at once, but then the fumes might mess stuff up and might not make it work as well. Also youd have to be careful to not ignite yourself. The napalm ideas might work lol but if youre going for a special occasion I would stay away from it. I would really even stay away from the gas because of the fumes from it burning. Also the smoke from burning napalm (gas+styrofoam) would be black and quite toxic. It would be toxic without the styrofoam but worse with. My favorite idea out of what was posted, and I was thinking about it before I read some of the posts, is taking rubbing alcohol (preferably 99%) because its the best, and you wouldnt have to worry as much about watering it down, and make some sort of gelatin or paste out of it. You may try adding a little corn starch or flower to some rubbing alcohol, see how that burns. Get a gelling compound (you could probably find some at your local super market in the food section) try making a gel out of it. And try that as well. I would go out to your drive way, or an open slab of cement (dont worry it would wash off when your done) and see how well both would burn together. maybe make 2 lines of each about a foot or so long connect them using a little bit more rubbing alcohol (so you dont have to light all 4 lines at once) and see how well they burn. You could also try one line with corn starch, one line with flower, maybe another one with more or less flower, and another one with gel and just see how they burn. IM sure the one with corn starch or flower would smell a little better because of the flower or starch in them when they burn. Also I would expect the one with gel in it would burn just as clear-blue as regular alcohol, and the one with flower/starch in it would probably be more yellow/orange because it has more to it than just alcohol thats flammable. lol . . . also . . . just a thought . . . Vodka??? No, not for drinking but burning. We all know that alcohol that has a high enough proof burns, and generally pretty bright and not a dim blue like rubbing alcohol. Generally it wouldnt evaporate as quickly as rubbing alcohol because its not as high of a concentration of pure alcohol. Also, if you couldnt tell already, this is my first post. I just signed up not too long ago, a friend introduced me to this site which has sparked an interest (no pun intended) in me for soldering and creating stuff. Anyways, hi <--- just to introduce myself (p.s. if this shows up with funny symbols I apologise, I posted it once and it came up with them and I tried getting rid of them. I have no idea why they are there, or how to fix them)

The gel from a can of Sterno would work most effectively. It could last a few minutes.

yeahhhh.... haha... i like what weissensteinburg says abut the rubbing alcohol... making napalm is way too out there for me lol... ok great... now i have rubbing alcohol, what do i put it on/in and how would i spell anything? wouldnt i need a non-porus material so that the alcohol wouldnt seep into whatever i put it on?... its gotta look somewhat decent... its supposed to be a romantic thing haha..

If you want to be really super cool, mix gas with Styrofoam to make "napalm" (note: gives off black smoke, if you don't want to breathe in toxic fumes don't bother with this) and then add in some gunpowder. Make sure you mix well, you don't want any big pockets of gunpowder that might explode...