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Flash Drive To An MP3? Answered

Is There A Way To Turn My Flash Drive Into An Mp3 Player? If so Could i Get A Little Help On How?


That would give you an instant 1,000 geek points.


10 years ago

I have seen a unit that is an mp3 player with no memory and you had to plug a flash drive into it. It was on amazon.com this was 4 years ago.

There are Mp3 players that use a flash drive and a seperate reader unit, you could buy one of them with like 16Mb of memory really cheap and use a bigger flash drive to get more memory, other than that, not that I know of however there are DIY Mp3s that might allow using flashdrive memory... I think it's daisy but there are ones on this site any way.

Ok :( Ive Seen The Daisy One But Didnt Really understand t And Ive Never Heard Of A 16 MB Mp3 Player :P Thanks Though!

Ah right, well I remember seeing them in job lots somewhere but the point was that there are types of MP3s use a flash stick for memory, so you could buy one with low memory really cheap and use it with your memory stick.

No, sadly, you couldn't -- the memory & actual MP3 player were the same unit.

you do get seperate ones or is the detachable memory unit of a specific type/design?

Nope, I know the MP3 player you're talking about. The MP3 unit and the flash drive unit were the same part, the detachable part was for a battery. Ladyada did a tear-apart.

I remember both, maybe I'm thinking of something completely imaginary though.