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Flash Powder Problems!!!!! Answered

Every time I use flash powder from firecrackers to try to make a big one all it does is burn up. No matter how hard I try to compress the flash powder all it does is burn up when it is supposed to blow up. Any tips?


So what you are saying is it just goes poof instead of boom, right? You first off can't have any leaks in your container you are using as casing. Then there has to be a seal at all points, including were your wick goes in. Don't use cheap paper firecracker fuse. Use green safety fuse, or you are liable to blow your hand off. You should not be peeling apart firecrackers anyway to salvage flash powder. Make your own, it is much safer. Then, when you make a casing, have no leaks; that is my best advice. Take it from a retired pyro.


8 years ago

You should make your own if you want it to be very powderful. Try a mixture of plaster of paris (calcium sulfate) and magnalium powder (make by melting equal weights of aluminum and magnesium together in a container with a lid) in a ratio of 3:2, then add about 1/4 part sulfur. The sulfur seems to drasticaly increase the burn rate.

download the anarchists cookbook from somewhere or go to totse.com. I wouldn't recommend trying to put a lot together tho.


10 years ago

Don't "compress" flash powder. It should be loose and fluffy. In large salutes, it's pretty common to add a "bulking agent" (rice hulls, popcorn, etc) to keep it from settling too much... Try to keep your fingers; a modern 50mg flash cracker is a miracle of optimization; Bigger isn't necessarily good for anything other than more destructive power, which ought not be the point of fireworks, IMO.