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Flat Wall Plug Adapter? (for DIY extension Cords) Answered

There is an extension cord (3 wire) which has a flat wall connector - great for tight spaces.  I've bought some over the years (about $12 each at Amazon) - but want a supply of the plugs so I can make my own custom/length cords.  I looked at a few electric parts places but no luck.  Any ideas/sources for a less expensive flat plug adapter?

One option  is to replacc the wall outlet with a recessed outlet - but that does not work for me.



Yes, a lot of those plugs, sadly, are molded plugs, so without splicing them in, they wouldn't be of much use....but I could be wrong (I have been a few times before ;-)

. You can find right-angle components/replacement parts at a lot of places, as per kelseymh's comment, but they tend not to be very low profile. For the lowest profile, I'd get an extension cord with a molded plug and, if need be, splice what I need onto the other end. Ie, what you're already doing is probably the best solution.

Try one of the big-box home improvement stores (Home Depot, OSH, Lowes) in their electrical components section. Ask for "right angle replacement plug." I also found very quickly online an 18" version, which you could you to attach to whatever other cord you needed.