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Fleas: Answered

I have a cat that is a major part of our fam but now I have been attacked by fleas throughout my home. I have carpet and can feel them bite me and now can see a few of them on the cat. I want to find a home remedy to get my home back from these annoying pest. I have just sprayed the whole house with dish detergent and hope that it will work after I vacuum and repeat the process several times this weekend. I also plan to start giving him a little cider vinegar in his water tomorrow so wish me luck! How long will it take before I see some progress? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated! 


Ivory dish soap works best for the mutts in our kennels, just be certain to use a conditioner on the dog as the detergent tends to dry their skins.

Also the commercially available adhesive covered boards work well too, one can actually make such from a heavy cardstock with a bright white paper-stock attached, then spray a commercial-craft adhesive to that.

Do a search for flea traps on here. I've seen quite a few good ideas that the posters swear by. Good luck

Thank you for your reply to my posting! I will look into what flea traps are available. Have you ever used any? How much was the cost? How many did you use and how big is your home?

I've personally never used any but my brother used one simular to one I seen with a light and a pie pan. It seemed to work a bit but it was hard to tell, his house was so infested at the time anything would have worked. Just make sure you vaccume every day for weeks, and get some flea meds on the cat. I'm not big on the flea bombs, you just need to keep sucking them up. The eggs hatch about every 7-14 days so just keep at it. Also dont forget couches, chairs,beds, and clothing need cleaned and put up. Deny them a place to hide and clean clean clean.