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Flexible Urethane Foams Answered

So I was looking for a way to make a new seat cushion for my car (driver's seat is starting to decompose). I was looking for a memory foam or some other flexible pour-able foam.

I came across this: http://www.smooth-on.com/foams.asp

I also contacted smooth-on for advice on what density foam I would need for a seat cushion and bolster (from inspection - the factory seat cushion was made from a pour-able foam cast in a mold).

In any case -- just passing this info along. Not sure if anyone will need or use this - but I keep a list of suppliers just in case someone I know is looking to do something ;) If anyone else knows of another supplier -- let me know. I probably won't go this route ($100+ for 1 seat cushion is a bit steep) but it may be an option :P


What are you making? I've never used the stuff - so you're best bet would be to contact them. Although, I never got a response (but I never checked my spam box :( ). I think you'd want a skin though on your foam...

OK, now I can tell you. I went to the Chicago American Inventor casting call (They'll be in your area in a couple of weeks) and I was going to pitch a foam projectile fired from a police issue shotgun using blank shotgun loads. Some parachute (550 lb test) cord would be attached to the foam projectile (basically a nerf footbal) so you could reel in the victim. It was not until last Saturday that I found out that Mossberg had already tested a similar device and deemed it too dangerous for the person launching it. I purchased the stuff, and screwed up the first projectile, but the second one turned out great. I might try to launch it eventually, but this project is basically "dead in the water", no pun intended. Thanks for your help.

I've had an idea rolling around in my head for a couple of years which requires this type of foam. I'm reluctant to mention what it is right now since this might be my ticket to "financial security" when I reach my golden years. (If you read my bio you'll understand my hesitation. Hope you understand.) Just think PFD - Personal Flotation Device. I do need a "skin" on the foam for some toughness. The floormats you mentioned might be a little too dense and heavy for my application. Thanks for the responses. I'll let you know how things turned out.

I just thought of something.... Depending on what you're making... You could glue some closed cell foam (from those interlocking floor mats) and then cut/shape with a serrated knife and rough sand paper. The result is similar - it's a little more rough (a well used nerf ball :P)