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Flip flops - paint is rubbing off - type of sealant to use? Answered

I bought a pair of flip flops the other day and the paint is already rubbing off where I put the most weight on my feet. I was wondering- is there was any type of sealant I could use to help prevent the rest of the design from rubbing off? It's ok if I'd have to reapply it every once in a while.

Thanks in advance. :)


Buy yourself a spray can of "3M FoamFast 74 Spray Adhesive" (available online, at most hardware stores and craft stores like Michaels). It's meant to bond a variety of foams (like latex), and remain flexible. In your case, just spray the area you want to seal, and allow enough time for the adhesive to cure. It should create a stronger bond and hopefully stop the printing from rubbing off. Over time you will likely have to reapply, but a single spray can will last quite a while.

Thanks! I think I'll try this. :D

Hi, I just wanted to know if the spray adhesive worked? I am currently having the same problem with some flip flops that I really love and immediately started peeling. Also does the adhesive make the shoes sticky?


6 years ago

Cover the painted surface with clear vinyl, contact shelf paper.

Thanks for your input, but in my experience with contact paper the edges curl and get sticky/attract dirt. I'm also afraid that if it does start to peel off the design will also peel off some more.