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Flipping bucket help Answered

Hi all , I need some help with an Instructable . I have a very slow stream of water near my house I want to use for irrigating my garden (~10liters / hour) and I want it to fill a container (bucket) and flip over to another container when it gets filled . The bottom bucket will connect to my droping irrigation hose. If I connect it directly only some plants get water all the time . I need it to build up and then water them all periodically . I hope I explained myself well . they have this kind of mechanism in water parks .. How do I design the flipping bucket ? where do i put the hinges ? Thanks.


does it have to be a bucket? those japanese style water features with the clacking bamboo use a tube....with a fulcrum somewhere past center (closer to the closed end)...then when the tube fills up it drops the open end dumping the water.....you could do the same with PVC

This sounds like a good idea . Thanks I though initially of a bucket for it is the cheapest .. but this could work as well .

Your problem is that only some plants get water all the time. This is one idea, there are others.
If you make the outlet-ports smaller nearer to the water supply, or bigger further away you will get more even watering.
If you had a control-valve on the main reservoir you could release intermittently. A solenoid-valve on a timer would do it.
But to get the bucket to tip, you need to mount it on a pivot a little bit lower than the middle of the bucket. It'll stay upright until filled, then become top-heavy and tip (general description, you need to play with it a bit)


Thanks for the idea ... I would like not to need to have an electrical valve - I want it simple as possible . I tried to place the pivot in several places but it just wont tip (or stay tipped over) . How can I calculate the correct position ?

Hmm, for get the bucket idea - use a siphon instead (I should have thought of this earlier)



Lemnie, Thanks for the idea and cool drawing but it wont work for be because the filling rate is very slow and will not activate the "suction" state . it will only drip slowly out as it is dropping slowly in . To have this work (like a toilet) the flow must be pretty high . But thanks a lot any way ... I am still attempting to balance the bucked with no success... :-(


this principle works for Soxhlet extractors on a slow drip. If you have a fairly small gap between the two tubes it should still work on a larger scale.