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Floppy disk identifying help!? Answered

Well I bought a floppy disk called 3D TETRIS a week ago and I cannot find anything on the internet that talks about it.
If anyone knows anything about it can they tell me.
Thank you.


Why did you buy a mystery-floppy-disk, have you got a floppy-disk drive?


Well it is not really a mystery, I just don't know anything about it. I do not have a working drive at the moment but the disk was only 10 pence.

Sorry, it is sort of a mystery.
Although I do know thta from the image on the front of the disk that it does look like the original tetris, but with an extra dimension.
By the way I got it because I like tetris and thought it would join my other tetris on gamebiy.

You'd probably be able to download what you want, but the floppy-game won't be compatible with the GameBoy.


Oh no, I meant it would go well as an addition to a collection including the gameboy version.