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Flourscent Light Sickness Answered

Every time I walk into Wal-Mart or Home Depot, I get sick because of the fluorescent light. The problem is, almost every large retailer uses fluorescent lighting. I get migraines, and queasiness. It has a great impact on my life. I was only curious to see if anyone else on instructables had such a sickness. If you do have such a sickness, what Do you do about it? My new school has all fluorescent lighting. -sunglasses? -migraine medication? (although that would not do much for the sick to the stomach feeling) I call it Wal-Mart sickness.


WTF! They use fluorescent lighting in schools now! S**t, that is not good, think of all of that mercury in the tubes, if they break, it will contaminate the young people...

Umm not really, if all the lights broke at once it would be reasonable to assume people would be removed, the exposure would be minimal, however it would be vapour if the lights are on at the time which is more of an issue, granted if a thermometer breaks teachers have to evacuate the room and use specialized cleanup kits even though they have the effective chemicals in most chem labs...

Yeah at my current school they use these super bright energy saving bulbs....Its Hard to think when your under light the flashing really fast. However it is cheaper and it uses less electricity. But that's no good for me

It might be worth getting some polerized sunglasses, they can cut out alot of stuff like that. The sickness is actually a motion sickness, because the lights produce a 'pulsing effect' with 'bands' running along the tube. Normally you cant see it, but its there, try holding up a coloured filter and you will see the movement. I think a good blacked out pair of sunglasses is the key, a wrap around pair so as to block out as much as possible.

One of the suspect pathways is the eyes trying to compensate for the pulsing brightness and not quite being able to keep up (it's a 50Hz beat, after all).

If you can get evidence that the lighting causes your headaches (eg a doctor's note), then (in the UK at least) your school would be legally obliged to solve your problem, either by changing the lights, or by providing you with suitable eye protection.

That may mean buying you a decent pair of sunglasses and allowing you to wear them in lessons. Since there are lessons where safety glasses are required (science, "shop"), you could talk them into coughing up for tinted safety glasses (randomly googled example).

Well Im going to try that out here in Canada.... ....FREE yay.... that will solve some unneeded headaches and save my wallet !

More like jealous of you, hiding behind your darkened lenses.

It would really depend on on the sunglasses..... On a forum I was reading last night someone mentioned this. No way im going to wear those. But If they didn't look like laser shielding goggles, Then your right!

I get that, but I always thought it had to do with the smells (chemicals)in those stores.

If they are actual migraines there is prescribed medication for them, my brother has random migraines and they used to end in bouts of throwing up. If it's nausea caused by them sea sickness or possibly travel sickness pills could be the answer.