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Flowering plant identification Answered

I live in Chicago, IL and have a plant in my garden that I can't identify.  It is a  perennial.  The leaves are smoke-green and look a bit like marijuana leaves.  The plant drapes over and is covered in single yellow blooms that close up at night time and reopen each day.  Each flower has five flat heart shaped petals.  There is no odor to either the plant or the flower.  I will try to attach pictures to help with identification.  Thanks!


its called sulfur cinquefoil. its in the rose family. found some in wyoming one time and did a little research. (fun fact: it is on the invasive species list here in CO)

Yes! That is definitely the same plant! I am not sure how it ended up in my garden and YES it is very invasive..but I actually love it so I am allowing it to spread. I don't know anyone in my Chicago neighborhood that has this plant so I am wondering how it ended up finding me. Thanks for your information on this question..

That's faux pot.

It appears to be an Anemone X lipsiensis. The common name is Wind Flower. (http://www.shrublandparknurseries.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11&products_id=959) If you need more information take a leaf and flower to a local nursery.
By the way, nice toenails.