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Fly Powered Planes Answered

Flies generally buzz about and don't do much besides feed the local spiders, but here's a a couple ways to put them to work by powering tiny airplanes. Check out the models below from the 70s or the video for something more recent to show you that, yes, this crazy idea actually works.

Insect Power via Neatorama


This is sadistic. I don't know how anyone can have such little respect for living creatures.

You are right. This act is horrible.


8 years ago

hahaha, legend!

Kinda like James and the Giant Peach with the sea gulls.


8 years ago

This kind of tutorials should not be here, or if they found should be deleted. Since I think no one is here to learn how to kill or make animals or others suffer.

I am totally disagree from this thing . . . . .

Sorry if I am harsh but when some one do this kind of thing to animal I really can't see it and I feel very bad and sad from Inside.

dude. its a fly.  a FLY. if see one buzzing around do you baby it and love it? no you do not. i can promise you. you swat it, spray it, and smoosh it. chill out. if it was a bird, then i'd share your views

that is just cruel isn't there a law about not gluing things on fly just kill them i would die instead of caring a backpack of bricks on my back till i die doubt that he actually takes the wings/plane off

I finished watching the video well any way it's still cruel I should stop commenting with out watching the whole video

You're sympathetic to the flies with a name like 'bug on fire' ?

isnt it ironic??? you just lost the argument right there. dead. game over.... Augh! I JUST LOST THE GAME...
anyway, i made something like this... found some yellowjacket wasps (also known as paper wasps) they are rellay strong winged. snipped thier stingers off and stuck thier legs to tissues... had about fifteen tissues buzzing around the house before my parents got home... sooooo funny.
whats also really fun is to go to a summer concert and do this:
catch a bunch of strong-winged bugs.
get some paper peices about and inch square and paint them glow in the dark.
stick them to the bugs and let them loose.
its soooo fun to see stoned hippes chasing these things around in the dark at the Earthdance concert near my house.

i got bug in most of my online names lol bugonfire bug mafia bugsgonewild gunnerbug bugshot just some of them

Doesn't answer why one of them is 'bug on fire'.

"that is just cruel"

SO? Apparently, you have not suffered their landing on your food, ticklish feet, awesome robots, etc.!
Now, about the bricks, that statement did not quite make sense to me.
If (I_have_to_carry_bricks_till_death == 1) then

Either way, you die and are dead.
So, since the fly is about to die anyway, its death can now serve an educational purpose by making you aware of its mid-air thrust capabilities, as well as its aerodynamic abilities, along with the three-dimensional real time obstacle avoidance, all while carrying a lethally toxic payload.

I dont get it how a fly could be useful in carrying a lethally toxic payload. and how much would the mid-air thrust capabilities be ( how u going to find out ) you could find out by weighing the fly then weighing the small air plane on the back and keep putting weights on the plane but you would have to do so one a large number of flies to have an average also how would you direct the fly to it's target?? Using innocent animals to cause pain / destruction to other people / nations is not a new thing. There was a bat bomb made by the Americans that they planed to use against the Japaneses. The bats would have a small pack of remote detonated highly flammable substance. The bat would be put in an container that had a gas that would keep them asleep till they were over the drop zone when over the drop zone the container would fall out of the plane and open the bats would be awaken and fly into a dark place ( eg in Japanese houses ) Then detonated causing huge fires where in the time a lot of Japanese houses were made out of wood. It had 2 tests and was proven affective but it was never tried against the Japanese

Not useful, educational.
You find the mid air thrust capabilities by gluing planes to their thoraxes.
No, forget the weights and scales, that's boring, and no, I did not mention guiding the fly to a target at all. Somebody else probably did....

And the thing about the bat bombs, what point were you trying to convey with that part of the rant?
1. Using animals to save human lives = bad.
2. USA = bad (because they killed GASP! two bats)
3. I'm wrong because I don't like flies.
4. I should join you in the worship of maggot-producing annoy-a-trons....

Uhhhhhhmmmmm...... So which is it? A, B, 3, or 4?

I don't get what is so educational in gluing things on a fly.

The thing about the bat bomb
1 Using animals to save human lives = bad.
No using animals to save peoples lives is not bad.
Using animals to kill people = bad.
bat BOMB
2 USA = bad ( because they killed GASP! two bats)
Yes not because they killed 2 bats because they killed hundreds to further there technology for destruction ( the burning houses and people ).
3. I'm wrong because I don't like flies.
No you are wrong in saying that flies would be better used for harm to other people ( the lethal toxic payload thing ) if u don't like them then just use fly net around the house or use fly spray
4 I should join you in the worship of maggot-producing annoy-a-trons....
I do not worship them, I just don't like the idea of humans using animal to do battle against each other.
Those little disgusting maggots are helpful as medical use when cleaning bad wounds. Maggots only eat the dead skin.
My point do not use animals in unkind evil ways for your own entertainment or to cause pain on some one else.

In war, the goal is to destroy the enemy before being destroyed, and if animals can help, they will and do. Not pretty, or entirely moral, but when you're facing a fanatic enemy who will hide grandes, pretend to surrender, then blow themselves, and nearby troops, you really need to come up with ways to survive. Also note that the bat bomb was never actually used against the Japanese. And for ayone else reading this, the USA was not even close to the cruelest animal abusers. Pathetic example: WWII: Americans used passenger pigeons to carry messages to and fro, instead of sacrificing a dozen soldiers plus equipment. Cruel? No, because the Nazis were the ones who shot at them(the birds)! If I had actually cared, I would have googled for a much better and obvious example.... As for the maggots, yes, like leeches, electric eels, seed ticks, mosquitoes(skeeters), thorn trees, rose bushes, and cats, they have their uses, but it does not detract from the fact that enlightened ones prefer not to be around the afore-mentioned pests for an unacceptably extended period of time, thus, their removal is deemed neccessary. Often, said pest does not wish to be removed. Some are near impossible to relocate peacefully, especially after it has caused bodily harm, property damage, mental distress or racial discrimination. Therefore, they are killed or incapacitated to such a state and/or an extent in which they are unable to resume their designated damages. (The residual corpse will cause further damage, which is why carcass removal is deemed highly required) Since the said pest will be decommissioned at time and effort expense anyway, the typical curious individual may seek to use the remaining pests life to answer a question in their mind which may lead to an answer, possibly leading to the widespread unneccessitation (and/or outdating) of lethal incapacitation of other pests within other households from the discovery point onward into near-infinite record-kept future, in addition, the person in the video above did not kill any of the specimens he acquired, the worst treatment the pests became recipient of was a few minutes of carrying a paper airplane behind them, while subsequently being released unharmed. In conclusion to my unneccessarily long-winded eloquent-waxing, I wish it known the paper-airplane-gluing-experiment, uninvasive, unharmful, entertaining, and useful in itself, may possibly lead to the global salvation of houseflies. You should be applauding this individual's effort, he is actually saving flies' lives! "My point do not use animals in unkind evil ways for your own entertainment or to cause pain on some one else." That is correct, but this experiment is not cruel. PS: Wait, a minute, why did you bring up the bat thing up anyway? It had nothing to do with this fly experiment.

I really like the idea...and the dezine but I don't think the fly lives much longer after its operation...

yeah, I man how would you feel if someone glued a giant 2x4 to your chest with a giant thing of superglue, superglue is toxic!

Yes.... Then again, they are just bugs, they don't have nervs... They don't feel a thing. I think. :P

Now, if we can just get spy cameras small enough to mount under those planes......

That would be awsome...bt I think it would make you vomit afre a while...

Hmm? They could be used to spy out neighboring malevolent countries (or even the neighbors across the street) .... oh wait, you mean the circular path of the fly and the pictures from that......yeah, I see what you mean.....

And they'll have trouble landing as the stick is about the size of it's legs.

Landing is beside the point.... It's the flying that's awesome!

I've seen this in action in a slightly different way. A guy at work caught a deer fly or horsefly and just rammed a straw from a broom up its backside and let go. It took off like a bottle rocket straight up. Was rather amusing to see

Would crate paper (the stuff that goes in gift bags) work for the wings?

I have 8 flies and a horrible itch to do this! =]
...hope its not typhoid xP

woaa cool who invented these we could do it with birds?

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Sharlston is being himself - look at his videos and you'll see he's one of our younger members. I don't believe spam flagging is in order. L

Yeah, I agree. It just going to be really annoying for all the authors of those old posts, plus everyone down the chain when he replies within a thread instead of at the top.

i just missed the link and im not spamming im just borwsing and commenting

My grandfather used to describe the tomatoes in his garden as a small golf ball, or somesuch, as if there was any variance in standard golf balls.... (the golf ball size was when the tomatoes were still green, so don't smart aleck me :)

It is much easier to work with the flies if, after catching them, you place them in the refrigerator for a while. Until they stop moving. Too long, like a few days, will kill them. The fly will basically go to sleep until it warms up. Easily glue sleeping fly to motor mount... Now, if anyone has a way of making a fly sized scarf and leather helmeted goggles for the flies... ;)

Somebody should make a pair of wings that are easily detachable so that you could keep the flies in captivity and use them over and over again.

This looks like a fun little pass time. I must Try it! Now to catch some flies........

hahahahaha lol That is without doubt, the wackiest invention EVER!!!!! Five Stars!

i seen this once in a nova episode. Try putting a male fly about a inch behind the female fly, then the PHY will go super fast. really cool.

i guess bigger flies would result in bigger planes....maybe you could have some horsefly powered b52s...or a dragonfly powered sr71?

Find a conspiracy-theorists picnic or something. L

how to make how to make


9 years ago

Sweet! I've gotta try this sometime.