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Flywheel fuelless generator Answered

how to construct a 50 kw flywheel fuelless generator using alternator ,motor ,and flywheel..?


If you are suggesting using an electric motor to spin the flywheel, to supply momentary peak demand which exceeds your power supply, then, yess, it's possible. Inefficient, but possible. If you are suggesting perpetual motion, then no. Not possible

Fuelless - Isn't going to work (for long)

That much energt trapped in a large flywheel isn't going to be safe either.

You have to put energy in to get it out in a different form.

50Kw is the equivalent of 67 Hp Thats the energy of a small car.

If you don't put energy in (fuelless) then you relying on the energy of the fly wheel, To = 67 Hp for any time at all it is going to be BIG. VERY big. MAny tonns.

You can only extract the energy you put in in the first place, when that is gone the system stops.

You can not drive the flywheel with a motor from the electricity it produces that would be perpetual motion, not allowed under out physical laws.

use a waterwheel, windmill, or solar derived steam to spin up the flywheel .
no fuel used