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Fm transmiter coding help Answered

I need a little help determining a code that is used to run a Fm transmitter program through a Fm module and the AVR Butterfly. Here is the original article of the transmitter but there is no code that went with it and I tried to look for the file online, but I was unable to find it.

There is this code that's on AVR Freaks, however, I do not know if that is the code for the transmitter (and I do not know what the code is suppose to look like because I barely know programming).

I have all the parts ready to build it, I just need to know the code to make it run.

Any help would be appreciated.



8 years ago

The AVRfreaks link doesn't address your FM module at all. It's unrelated, although it does use the BASCOM basic language. The FM module is controlled (by the Butterfly) via the I2C serial interface, and there is no I2C code on that page...

The code you're looking for is posed on nutsandvolts--Lemonie pointed you to it; you just needed to click on the article. Here's the page (it's the ZIP file below "Downloads.")

Yes, these are the files for the Butterfly--the FM module cannot be programmed. The "BF FM Tx.bas" file is the BASCOM language file you're looking for.

BASCOM, BTW, is NOT a free programming environment like AVRGCC (the "C" language.) I'm sure there's a demo version of BASCOM, but it may not be sufficient to run the code.

In fact, if you don't want to purchase BASCOM, you can simply upload the precompiled HEX file from the ZIP into the Butterfly. Of course you'll be unable to change the firmware at all--but if the as-is functionality is sufficient, it will work fine.

RE: that last part--

I just checked your linked PDF of the original article. It includes explicit instructions on how to program your Butterfly using only the provided HEX file ("BF FM TX .HEX") in the ZIP.

See the "Programming the Butterfly" section.

How to upload the HEX file? Download AVR Studio 4 from atmel.com (scroll down the page to find it...) Then follow the instructions in the PDF...

Here is the original article:
Since the author said there was no ready code, you might want to get that back-issue?


 The "original article" link in the post is the original project from the nuts and volts issue but is in a pdf format.

And when I looked at the link you provided, there were a set of files that I already have when selecting the Butterfly Broadcaster link, but they were not the ones for the Butterfly. All I need to know is if the code from the AVR Freaks site would work despite all the comments (which I get confused which is the comments and which is the actual code in the code box).

I don't know, but I think this is something to try perhaps?