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Follow up on the Arduino Jam Belgium Answered

arduino Jam 2012 BelgiumArduino Jam was an 48 hour event held at the timelab in Ghent, Belgium.
18 jammers started friday the 3th of february with a brainstorm session. The only restriction they had is that the projects needed to be powered by Arduino.
7 projects emerged from their brains.
They teamed up and started on their projects to make their ideas come true.


Here is an overview of the projects:

#1: Xtreme Buzzwire-4-2  article on hackaday
- Nipkow pong & RGBCMY resolution test & 16 million color nipkowduino
- Kinect face follower
- Duck n jump Tv out game
- Bleeber - A physical layer between data and action
- Capgemini sound to light modulator

Thanks for our Sponsor who made this Jam possible:
arduino jam main sponsor Capgemini


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It was a great event! Can't wait 'till the next one :)
But I'm also waiting for the missing 3 instructables ;-)
Cool "promo-video" btw!