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Food Saver Model V3835 won't open for cleaning? Answered

I was trying to seal a food bag and the vacuum wasn't working so I decided to clean the tray that collects moisture. However after pressing the 2 release buttons the food saver wouldn't open up for cleaning. I have been unable to find what is holding the unit closed. I removed the bottom cover and found the right hold down gear/"hold down" paw not engaged. I re-engaged the paw but still can't open the unit.

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RonR93 (author)2018-02-15

Wow tapping on the sides worked for me. Thanks for the advice.

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Downunder35m (author)2015-12-21

There are only the side latches holding the lid, but in most cases they only disengage if you press the lid down!
They should pop out then but sometimes they can get stuck due to a lack of cleaning and stuff going into the mechanics.
In that case it helps to tap them while pressing the lid down, use the finger, knife handle...
No force is require to open the lid once the latches are open and on some models you can press the bottom of the latch to help it open (while still pressing down the lid!).

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Jack A Lopez (author)2015-12-21

It seems like this forum gets a fair amount of questions about FoodSaver(r) brand vacuum sealers, e.g.


I don't think Instructables Answers is all that good at actually answering these questions. In the list I've linked to there, only like 1 out of 10 was marked as "answered"

However, there are other places discussing FoodSaver(r) problems. I know Youtube is one of these places,


and of course you should check to see if Google(r) has picked up any chatter on this topic, e.g. "foodsaver stuck"


Final note: I think the word "pawl" has "L" on the end when it is part of a machine, and it is just "paw", without the "L", when it is part of a dog or cat.

Sorry I don't have any better answers than these, but I am hopeful that if you persevere, you will get your food vacuum bagger working again.

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