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FoodSaver T35 GameSaver new 2009 quit: Vacuum motor hums only / no suction at all- Answered

remaining on first indicator light only, does not progress nor seal. Hums continuously until manually turned off. Seals only if manually activated. Already tried soaking/moistening lower gasket with no results. Was a real workhorse until 2014. Thanks



4 years ago

The motor hum seems to indicate to me that it could be that the motor or impeller has seized. If you can open it up, try and access the motor and check to see if you can turn the motor freely. A drop or two of machine oil on the bearings may fix the problem if the bearings aren't ruined or there is debris in the motor or impeller housing.

Thanks. We were able to oil the bearings but still humming with no suction. Have not ventured further into motor or impeller housing for possible debris at this point. Would pix help?

Do you feel any suction? if not maybe the pump inlet is blocked somehow, possibly a filter element inside that is full/clogged. Worst case is the plastic impeller is broken and the hum is just the motor shaft spinnning uselessly, but you'll have to dive in deeper to find that out.

To Burf

I like your pick have yet to watch the movie though

Eventually the seals and gaskets waer out and the pump no longer works. At which point it's time to buy a new one.