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Fooling the robot by putting a very long question header instead of my original three words that I put up two days ago? Answered

I read somewhere?? that to put fridge magnet on the side of a fridge causes it to use more power. (Magnets are OK on the front).

Is this true? If it is.....; why?


.  No. Even if you put the magnet on the compressor housing, it would have no effect.
1) The magnet is very weak compared to the field(s) of a 110/220VAC motor.
2) As Re-design points out, the magnetic field of the magnet will be "absorbed" (redirected) by the steel of the case.

Wow, an urban myth that has never appeared on Snopes.com. That's pretty impressive.

If the magnet sticks to the side of the ref. the magnetic flux gets absorbed by the steel.  Very little goes thru the steel. 

Very few of the warnings that you get in email are actually true. But you did the right thing by asking for other opinions.

The robot has a filter that filters out questions that are less than 5 words long and they have to be looked at by a human which may take 48 hours or more.

Cheers, thanks RD.

It is always a delight to have such an easily available source for advice!

(I fooled the darned robot!! This question came up pretty swiftly after I asked it. I shall remember to make the question more than 5 words long!).

(The original question was "Is This True?". It might be up now ,I haven't checked yet).

Thank-you to everyone who posted.


8 years ago

Excellent!! Thanks for the responses.

I truly can't remember lemonie,- it was certainly an online source, and I recall appeared to come from someone with technical expertise......

It has always bothered me a wee bit, because my new upright freezer side, faces directly where I can see it clearly- it makes a good messageboard,- so I have been using it extensively,.....and this question popped into my consciousness again!

Myth. Wherever you read it, stop reading that.

The answer is no. It is not true at all.
For a fridge magnet to effect the operation of a standard refrigerator is impossible, unless it is placed as to prevent the door from fully closing or sealing. Also keep in mind that the fridge's door seals are usually magnetic as well.

I also read that there was this magic ring...

Where did you read that?
No it's not true.