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For Italian Authors! :) Answered

Hi everybody!
Me and Lindarose92 are creating an unofficial Facebook Group for Italian Authors!

After I've published my Understanding Italian Gestures ible, I found that there are a lot of users and authors from Italy on this magical website!

So, we create this page in order to share ideas, comments and news about our hobbies!

Here's the link, if you are Italian and you are on Instructalbes, come and join us! ^^

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Computothought (author)2014-07-01

Does this mean authors actually from Italy, and or also form authors of Italian descent?

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Darthorso (author)Computothought2014-07-02

the moment the group is very small and we all speak Italian inside of it.

But! When there will be more members, we
will also open a Fanpage, an then every Ital-esque user can join! :)

This is a first attempt to gather some
Italians authors, then we can make a bigger page-community also with ones who
have Italian descent! ^^

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