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For general information - a "problem" with Private projects. Answered

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Not a bug, just a heads-up.

While I was writing my climbing gorilla Instructable, I hid it from the searches by marking it as "private", then made it public when I finished it.

Unfortunately, it did not seem to turn up in the "recent" list, which confused me somewhat.

I have worked out what went "wrong" - when you mark a project as private, that is also the moment used as the publish date, so if you make the project public, that is where it gets put in the lists.

That could have been a problem for me, with the gorilla going utterly missing down the lists, but fortunately it was featured and it was seen on the front page.

I have "hidden" a number of part-finished projects the same way, and I will now have to create new versions, copy-pasting the text over and re-assigning the images.

So, as I said, just something you need to know.

(Update: I was right. I've just had to re-publish my latest project because it came out as over a month old, waaaay down the recent list.)

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ewilhelm (author)2009-08-17

Added to our list. Thanks!

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gmjhowe (author)2009-08-16

I noticed the same bug with the K'nex challenge forum topic we put up.

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lemonie (author)2009-08-16

Worth knowing. I guess it's better to leave these things unpublished if you intend to have them go public eventually. L

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