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Fort Of July Answered

Anyone heard of this:

~ Fort of July ~ = playfulness + community building + irrelevant revelry

team awesomes all over the globe unite and celebrate in the name of awesome, fun-enabling, just-for-the-heck-of-it attitude, the spirit of nevernever land, and because building forts is just downright sweet!

so on July 4th:
* get a gang together
* brings fort supplies – sheets, pillows, boxes, ladders, tree fronds, whatever-is-clever!
* build an awesome fort
* play together, in the flesh and using fun flashy techy tools to connect forts in worldwide

ideas = welcome! spreading the idea = super welcome! making it blow up = well duh!

high 5!
team awesome ________

From Fort Of July
I'm totally going to celebrate, are you?


Haha, sounds fun.

People ought to post photos of their celebrations as comments on this thread, then you (Frenzy) could turn them all into a slideshow of Instructablian fortliness.

Uh that's Sunday - I'm otherwise occupied but you guys should have a go...?


I am also busy that day - hopefully playing with hot things.

Hot things? No inappropriate pun intended, but what kind of hot things?

At least one welding kit, I hope. Possibly lasers.

Awesome! Lasers are always fun, especially when you have cats (Laser pointers at least.) Hope you have fun.

But what about the younger ones?


I love hot wings. Mmmm spicy hot wings. lol