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Forums ? Answered

Are "forums" now designed to be hard to find ? They're no longer on the top tab.

"Quick fixes" was broken - the page linked said that it is an incorrect one, but repeated refresh seems to fix it.


The words "forum" and "Q +a" in the title bars could themselves be clickable, then "more" under q+a is redundant, as is "categories"

Definitely, it certainly seems like an unnecessary conservation of space.

Ok... No offense to the creative team, but was this launch intentionally done on April 3 (versus April 1st) for a reason?


Q+A has also disappeared, yet again.

And when you DO discover it, you can't see the most recent post, only the "editor pick" - which means if you've posted a new question, you won't see it appear, so you'll automatically try and post is again.


Agreed - if it's not going to have a dedicated tab, it should be under "explore".

I agree.

To new people on the site, hovering over "More" and then seeing a couple of forum posts isn't the best way to find it in my opinion.

I think they should keep the tab with forums on it, as it is also quite a big part of Ibles.