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Found a Black Widow in the Grapes?! Answered

I just got a package of grapes from Costco and what do I find? A Black Widow. Note that I live in Washington; Brown Recluse territory, not Black Widow. It's ironic because I just watched a news story on this.


mail it to eric

That's weird. I usually never see any black widows here (washington), but this year, I've seen two. I found one during the beginning of the fall, and another just a couple of days ago in the garage. But I'm smurt! I put my shoe on the end of a pool cue and squished it from 5 feet away! It's guts were brown...

Why's that cruel? I'm not afraid of spiders, and prefer not to kill them, but I don't want any black widows around. Even though it's very, very unlikely to get bitten, and it is very, very unlikely to kill me even if I do. I've got too many pets and people around my house to take the risk.

Are you sure? Let's have a better shot of the top of its abdomen.

Cool. If you were in the UK, the next thing to do would be to contact the local TV news...

I have a friend at school named Pitts. Well, that's his last name. But that's what everybody refers to him by...

"suggests that you kill it by putting it in the freezer". Or you could light it on fire and hope the atrocity screams...

I think I'll give it to my biology teacher. Hope the jar doesn't break in my backpack...

Leave the jar in the fridge for half an hour before you go to school, make it sleepy.

Make sure to cover it before leaving it in the fridge...

I put it in a small vial of preservatives. It's sitting on my desk, next to the shark.

There has been a report that a black window spider has been found in a supermarket with the bananas...

Good thing you didn't eat it..

Cool! Don't kill it, poor liddle guy is more confused than you.

They only bite if threatened, I've picked up both widows and brown recluses, barehanded, and not been bitten.

call up costco and you can get your money back.

If you ate it, you could sue Costco.... Or at least your next of kin could sue Costco.


9 years ago

Get a highe speed shot of it moving. jk Good thing it didn't bite you!