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Found a baby snapping turtle? Answered

Hi, recently my brother and I found a baby snapping turtle on the road. Do you know how or what we should do with it? There is a pond down the road, but before you say we should release it, keep in mind that it is only a little over an inch long. Should we take care of it until it gets big and then let it go? All help is appreciated.


Snapping turtles can legally be kept as pets. A good turtle set up is a ten gallon tank. Fill it with gravel pushing it to the side to make a "ramp" and "beach". Fill with clean, non chlorinated water. Some water from a pond is a good idea. Add a couple minnows. He wont eat them, but they help keep the water clean, as do some aquatic plants. Get a goldfish bubble filter, set it up. A reptile light or window that gets sunlight is a must. Feed it turtle food. If it's a regular snapper, it'll take about 5 years before it gets big enough to put a pinch on you. Alligator snappers are MUCH more docile, they have spikes on the rear of their shell. If its an Alligator, I'd keep him till he gets real big. How do I know this? I'm getting one, in addition to my soft shell. Remember, it's gonna take a long time for it to get big.

You can also try to catch some really small minnows, in addition to some big ones. Maybe 1 big minnow, 2 tiny ones (for snapping at).

Something like that happened with us before, but with a baby rabbit. One of our cats attack it, and it broke it's leg. We took care of it for a few days, and put it back in it's rabbit hole down the street. Any ways, if you think it can take care of itself, then go for it, and release it, and if not, keep it for a little until it can for sure.

Either call a rehabilitater or release it, caring for wild animals is a serious endeavour not to be undertaken lightly.

We've done it before with other animals, it's not too hard after looking on the internet for a little bit. Anyways, we are just going to release it probably

Yeah, I think we'll do what we did once before, buy little fish, teach him to catch them, and release him before winter comes